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3rd front the Russo-Turkish war: Fighters of Ankara spread to Azerbaijan from Syria

3-й фронт русско-турецкой войны: Боевиков Анкары перекидывают в Азербайджан из Сирии

The turnover of the middle East conflict, which began with “Arab spring” of 2011-2012, involved more and more countries, including the former Soviet Union. The number of hot spots on the map of the Middle East is increasing, and long-standing geopolitical conflicts are woven together — for each power, be it Turkey, Iran or Israel, there are too many unsolvable conflicts with all its neighbors.

Suddenly I was forced into a new round of conflict Armenia and Azerbaijan, on the border of which is now another aggravation. Moreover, the conflict of these post-Soviet countries, smoldering for three decades, from the Karabakh war in 1992, is now trying to actively use promoters and in another conflict, Turkish-Kurdish, which is ongoing since 1984.

Suffice it to say that in Kurdistan against the Turkish troops fighting the detachment, consisting of Armenian volunteers, named Nubar Ozanyan, recognized as a Martyr.

The Kurds use different ways to get to Turkey, now on the Azerbaijani direction: for example, the Kurdish Firat news Agency at the weekend issued a statement that Pro-Turkish militants from Syria will be transferred to Azerbaijan for the conduct of hostilities against Armenia.

In fact, it may mean opening a “third front” in the undeclared war between Turkey and Russia, which is now in Syria, and Libya. Professor Mikhail Roschin, senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies, believes that the situation in the middle East suddenly escalated, and on the eve of elections of the President of the United States, which loses popularnatural Trump have very thelabor with Joe Biden.

“SP”: — what do you think whether Americans are ready to unleash a new war to support the falling ratings of trump and “drown” Biden?

— I think not ready. Refusal to unleash a new military conflict is to trump principle. He says that unlike the “peacemaker” Barack Obama did not start a single war.

By the way, the headquarters of the trump used an interesting move, agreeing with a popular black rapper Kanye West on his nomination for U.S. President. In the past Kanye West came close to Trump and met him. He is quite able to win over to their side from Joe Biden, the votes of many black voters. And besides, let me remind you, Kanye West is married to an Armenian, Kim Kardashian the famous American model.

“SP”: — however, some of the events that have occurred recently in the middle East, forced to talk about the “long hands” of the US. In particular, the terrorist attacks on energy facilities of Iran.

— It is obvious that the situation in Iran escalates. USA is definitely involved in acts of sabotage on the territory of Iran in the strategic plan. And here is the implementation of sabotage in the area, most likely, do the Israeli secret service. This is the traditional distribution of duties: the Americans set tasks, while others perform the dirty work.

“SP”: — is Very similar to what is happening in Yemen, where Shiite Houthi rebels directly accused the U.S. of “organization of the Saudi aggression”.

— Of course, Saudi Arabia is one of two key allies of the United States (along with Israel) in the middle East, and in the conflict with the Houthis with the Saudis the United States on the side of the latter. The Houthis actively supports Iran, so it would be strange if the United States supported the Houthis. But the conflict in Yemen, in my opinion, is for Americans marginalized.

“SP”: — the US is now turned on Turkey: threatened with sanctions for “Turkish stream” for delivery of rocket complexes S400. What does this escalation will have on the Middle East and, most importantly, for Russia?

— American-Turkish relations, though strained lately, but I would not began to exaggerate, this is still disagreement between the allies. And the Turks, and Americans have their military bases in Qatar, causing the concern of other Arab monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula.

“SP”: — Americans make aggressive statements and Libya, accusing Russia of “mining of Tripoli.” Very, by the way, recalls the statement about “chemical attacks” in Syria.

— Yes, statement on Libya made. Anti-Russian rhetoric is regularly present in the foreign policy statements of the United States came to the state Department a kind of norm. But to seriously intervene in the Libyan conflict before the presidential elections, running under a heavy struggle between Republicans and Democrats, the administration trump now, although the interest in Libyan oil from the Americans, of course, is.

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