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3D printer, learned to print aluminum

3D-принтер научили печатать алюминиемSoon there will be a serious breakthrough in the field of metallurgy.

Experts HRL Laboratories in California have developed a method of three-dimensional printing high strength aluminium alloys. The new technology will pave the way for the creation of a lighter, faster aircraft, more economical fuel consuming.

Modern aircraft are bonded thousands of metal rivets and fittings because of light but strong aluminum alloys do not respond well to high temperatures, the metal weakens and breaks. This problem and going to solve in a California laboratory, developing a method of 3D printing is the most widely used types of high-strength aluminium alloys (in particular, Al6061 and Al7075), in demand not only in aviation but also in automobile industry. In addition, the same method can be adapted for the manufacture of high strength steels and Nickel superalloys, reports New Scientist.

The method consists in coating metal parts with nanoparticles that create a framework for melted under the laser exposure of the metal. When it cools, the alloy takes a crystal structure of the nanoparticles, which prevents cracking. Thus, the final product retains its strength.

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