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39-year-old Albina dzhanabaeva have demonstrated a slim figure in a swimsuit

Albina Dzhanabaeva

39-year-old Albina dzhanabaeva infrequently indulges her fans in Instagram beach shots, however today the singer decided to make an exception. The star published in his microblog a picture in which she is depicted on the balcony of the hotel overlooking the beach. The singer poses in a black bathing suit with ruffles and sunglasses.

My current, good early morning! You like to get up early or still soak a little longer)? Lark who, who owl)? I light — go to bed late, get up early (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.) — signed frame wife of Valery Meladze.

Members of the celebrity left in awe of the picture, wished the albino a wonderful holiday and once again admired her shapely figure.

“Beauty, figure chic. I’m still in the days of VIA gra said Albina’s figure is beautiful”, “You’re so beautiful, Please more pics in bikinis”, “Oooo what a pretty girl Albina, is a black swimsuit that looks so cute,

such comments can be found under the fresh photos of stars.

A mother of two children repeatedly told that to maintain harmony, it helps the correct diet. She eats a lot of fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. In the morning (20 minutes before eating) Albina drank a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil, and evening (20 minutes after dinner) another. If she wants to quickly lose a few extra pounds, she refuses to baking, fatty and fried foods.


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