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33 exclusive still from the film PARIS. THE CITY ZОМБИ

As we reported, Paris overrun by zombies. And on 5 July, the French, the zombie epidemic will get to mother Russia, since July 5, the company “Planeta inform” intends to issue in a motion picture “Paris. The city Zомби” (La nuit a dévoré le monde). Wait a little over a month, but for now we got a bunch of new, earlier anywhere in the Network is not overexposed frames from the film.

Judging by these pictures, “Paris. The city Zомби” this is the French version of the cult British zombie movie “28 days later”. In the presence of the dull streets of major European cities, and the hero even looks something like Killian’s, Murphy’s (or colleague Denis Saltykov with sister site Russo Rosso – sorry, Denis :). Well, the zombies are, where do without them!

On the morning after a loud party Sam discovers that his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and everything around turned into a zombie. And the only place in all Paris where he can feel safe is the apartment where he woke up. What to do? To flee or to stay? To defend or to attack yourself?

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