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32 degrees Fahrenheit

32 градуса по Фаренгейту

32 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which water freezes. Zero we. Well, “Okolonolya”, if someone is so cool.

Our Russian reset, like all mysterious, enigmatic, mythical and unknown, is accompanied by the amazing details that are being asked in the Apocalypse of John the theologian, following the locust invasion, the pale rider named death or the opening of the seventh seal.

Zeroing in our wonderfully mixed and mysterious coronavirus, and presidential terms, and falling oil prices, and the redistribution of the Constitution and a nationwide referendum. Even the climate, and the April fool’s joke has stayed near zero, a fun glint had fallen the previous day abnormal snow.

Interestingly, the first words about “zeroing”, was (by chance?) said set aside from the power of the Kremlin demiurge, the authorship of which, in fact, it is the “Okolonolya” attribute. Started.

Today reset everything. And it’s not in the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin, suddenly departed in a humble shadow of a world pandemic.

Today, in my opinion, it is obvious to everyone that the world will never be the same. People die, closed borders, and the exchange is in a fever. We hid in his own apartment and it is unknown who will survive and what will we see the country and the world when this is all over and when we finally extricate ourselves in the light of God strictly according to the special permit authorizing travel to a particular district.

Actually, in the story of the Moscow pass and QR codes very hard to believe, because here if it were not for coronavirus, it would have to be just make up, and then the citizens suddenly believe in the freedom to their own movement.

Interesting how every country to solve their problems, using a coronavirus as a universal bogey: China has brought down the US economy, Europe is fenced off from the boring of refugees, and Russia quickly developed special permits, dividing its citizens by category and spent the entire package of bills, how about these citizens care in an emergency situation.

All the masks dropped and “cleared”. What will happen next, nobody knows. Life was not without problems, but still somehow ordered. And now we are on the eve of building a new world order and suspect that you built, he will please not all.

Often recall the different dystopia like “1984” to “day of the Oprichnik” and now they don’t seem quite so fantastic. During the period of isolation, many citizens watched dozens of movies and was left deeply frustrated by numerous blockbusters about the end of the world. Life was simpler and inventive at the same time. The world on the brink of a great catastrophe is now not the delirium of the inflamed consciousness of the writer or Director. Now this is real life and we were suddenly in the role of extras. What can save us?

Only love. Be kinder to people, to their families, to friends, to acquaintances. Do for them something good. Ask him for forgiveness. Think of something bright and eternal. Only such simple and uncomplicated steps can save us from impending disaster.

Because there is another view that is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and it is also correct. This is the temperature at which the ice begins to melt. Well, right now outside the window. So better let it melt.

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