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31 a strange beauty-an image of the “Golden globe” of all time

Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker

Tonight at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly hills will host the awards ceremony of the prize “Golden globe”. SPLETNIK.RU to cover this glamorous event throughout the day. We are ready to see the stars in luxurious outfits from Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent (it is the main fashion Houses that dress Hollywood celebrities), but now we look back and remember the most controversial and bizarre beauty looks from 1977 to 2018.

Barbra Streisand, 1977

So, it was the wild 70s, and voluminous curls how African-Americans were popular, but many fans of Barbra Streisand are sure that the modern image of a star (sleek Bob) is her much more.

Irene Cara, 1981

Winner of awards “Oscar”, “Golden globe” and “Grammy” Irene Cara loved original characters. So, in 1981, she decided to complement your curls with hat-a bowler hat, appearing on the red carpet.

Ann Jillian, 1985

At the time Ann Jillian was a real sex symbol. And although her haircut is still relevant today, pink shadow with pink blush and pink tuxedo look extremely weird.

Juliette Lewis, 1994.

Juliette Lewis hid his gorgeous blond curls under this strange headdress Cleopatra. By the way, the “Golden globe” star appeared soon after her breakup with brad pitt.

Jennifer Tilly, 1994

At the time, red hair was in trend, but to find “your” shade, unfortunately, was not all…

Fran Drescher, 1996

Fran Drescher did not know what to come to the ceremony with her bouquet of flowers on his head — not a good idea.

Kate Winslet, 1998

It seems that Kate decided to put that night on your face all the make up that was in the house.

Courtney Love, 2000

The vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Hole prefer grunge look with red lipstick and flowing hair. This onion is liked by everyone.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2000

Few people remember the lover sudovogo make-up Gwyneth this. What do you think, Gothic image was the actress?

Kim Cattrall, 2001

The stars of “Sex and the city” (Sex and the City) need the color of the Foundation is over, whether in the Solarium it was not worth going so often, but Kim cattrall on the red carpet looked very spotty.

Björk, 2001

Oh, Bjork.

Rachel Griffiths, 2002

Curls Rachel Griffiths made her in the character of Louisa may Alcott (American writer, best known for the novel “Little women” which was based on the memories of her growing up in a society of three sisters). Nothing wrong with that, of course not, but looked Rachel in the evening on the red carpet as if she just came back from the past.

Bai Ling, 2002

Makeup artists are sure to bring a purple eye pencil and draw such broad dark eyebrows, the actress was not worth it.

Tora birch, 2002

Red lipstick is always a win-win. But green eyeshadow and is clearly unnecessary.

Angelina Jolie, 2002

Who inspired Jolie to do tattooing eyebrows, is unknown, but coupled with such a bright makeup look, it has become aggressive.

Sharon stone, 2003

It’s great that Sharon stone is not afraid to change, but the experts recognized this way is controversial. Maybe it’s the hair or the purple lipstick with shimmer with cool pink shimmer.

Nicole Kidman, 2004

“Mood color gold!” — apparently, was the motto of the stylist Nicole, who collected her Golden globe. And the headband-the headband and blonde shade, and even clothes — everything in the same range.

Debbie Mazar, 2005

Actress Debi Mazar is a supporter of all classic — from dresses to hairstyles and makeup. Which year old friend Madonna can not give up the fleece, and should…

Jenny McCarthy, 2006

Sometimes body hair turns out very lush.

Paris Hilton, 2007

Muddy (in another call) eye makeup and bronzed skin — not the best combination.

Vanessa Williams, 2007

Star of TV series “Desperate Housewives” (Desperate Housewives) and “Ugly Betty” (Ugly Betty) Vanessa Williams — the woman is spectacular. Actress without such a volume of hairstyle and funky, smoky eye would look stunning.

Jane Krakowski, 2010

Perhaps on the way to the event, Jane Krakowski was caught in a shower, and maybe, hairdressers overdo it with styling tools.

Helen Mirren, 2010

The actress always looks very elegant, but the stylist-hairdresser for some reason made star Ombre. The transition from the gray roots light ends was strange.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 2013

Rosie’s flawless facial features, and makeup artists tonight, apparently, decided not to distract attention from them is a complex hairstyle. But the hair turned out too sleek, completely devoid of at least some of the volume, and about how stacked the front strands, we do not say anything.

Nicole Richie, 2013

We like the hair and makeup Nicole separately, but in combination it looks like a bow from the 1970-ies.

Helena Bonham Carter, 2013

A creative mess can be described as the image of the actress.

Jennifer Lawrence, 2014

We are big fans of Jen, but with this makeup she looks like a soloist with the Rockettes stage makeup.

Maria Menounos, 2016

Braids never go out of fashion for that season, but because of the location of the weave hairstyle more reminiscent of a strange hat.

Maura Tierney, 2016

The impression is that instead of Nodaway lipstick makeup artist, Maura put on her lips with a light concealer. The situation could have saved a blush or bronzer.

Cate Blanchett, 2016

At the presentation of the annual 63rd award “Golden globe”, where Kate was awarded for the best female role in the film “Carol” (Carol), she tried on the image of the goddess of Hollywood’s Golden age. Hairstyle actress has chosen an unusual position: front side of the Bob, and the back braid. Fashion critics have come to believe that beside this styling looks futuristic, but if you look a full face, it seems that hair chopped off on one side.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 2017

Seeing the actress on the red carpet “Golden globe” in 2017, many thought that she was inspired by the Princess Leia buns, but it turns out that the character of “Star wars” (Star Wars).

Somehow everyone says I look like Princess Leia. But I actually asked the stylist to repeat the image of my mother, who with similar styling married, commented on his choice Parker.

And what a beauty image, in your opinion, is the weirdest?

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