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3 Russian teleroliki disaster movie GEOSTORM

Continues to spin PR-flywheel blockbuster “Geostorm” (Geostorm) that, in General, is quite logical – the movie is clearly not cheap and the same US premiere preceded by the real natural disaster that had affected them, because he himself is devoted to natural disasters.

Recently, a new trailer, and yesterday the Russian branch of Warner Bros. Pictures posted on the web three Russian teleroliki.

Director Dean Devlin in mass destruction on a planetary scale is what is called “the dog ate”, a long-time partner Roland Emmerich and screenwriter of such films, the last film as “independence Day” and “Godzilla” (1998). The cast includes Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, katheryn Winnick, Abbie Cornish, ed Harris and Andy Garcia.

After an unprecedented series of natural disasters that struck our planet, world leaders have joined forces to create an extensive network of orbiting satellites to control the climate to prevent natural disasters. But something went wrong — the system built to protect the Land, now threatened her. Race against time, where time is needed to detect a real threat before the world Geostorm will erase from the face of the Earth all living things… all living at the same time.

In Russia, “Geostorm” will begin on 19 October 2017.

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