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3 excerpt from kinokomiksa VENOM

Next week the toothy and slimy venom rush to the cinema. Getting ready for this event, by examining three very different scenes from the movie. First, communicate with the main villain, the role of which performs riz Ahmed of “Stringer”. Then plunge into the romantic atmosphere along with Michelle Williams, we are familiar with “island of the damned”. And finally kicking butt on the bad guys along the way this very surprised. By the way, if you are one of those who has difficulty distinguishing from Tom hardy Logan Marshall-green, then maybe we will find certain similarities between the last roller and gorgeous video from the “Upgrade”. Merciless bloody meat grinder will not be here, unfortunately, but there is something in common, isn’t it?

Recall the plot of “venom”:

Journalist Eddie Brock loses his job because of his candor during the interview with the scientist and businessman Carlton Drake. Then one of the employees of Drake tells Eddie that their lab holding the alien parasite and use it to experiment on people. Eddie gets into the lab to save the victim of the experiment, but accidentally merges with symbiota himself.

Director Ruben Fleischer (“Welcome to Zombilend”).

In the Russian cinema “venom” will arrive October 4.

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