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25 years of the sanitarium for 19 times with a knife in the name of Slenderman

In 2014, the 12-year-old Schoolgirls Morgan Geyser and Anissa weier lured their friend into the woods to sacrifice to the Slenderman, and only now a state court in Wisconsin has finally decided what to do with the young adepts of the Thin man.

Three years ago, the Area of Horror wrote about this terrible story in the article entitled “Kill for the Slenderman”. In the course of the trial, which lasted all this time, it was found that both girls suffer from mental disorders. They talked about the fact that Slender man appeared to them in dreams, and Geyser even talked to him in reality.

We didn’t want to go, didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms simultaneously frightened and comforted us…

This signature was accompanied by a photo uploaded by the user under the name Victor Surge on one forum back in 2009. The photo depicted a strange tall man without a face, the haunting children. Soon the character became a frequent guest in terrible movies, creepypasta, and then in video games and movies. According to the expanded mythology, children who are under the power of Slenderman, called Proxies.

As argued by Morgan and Anissa, Slenderman threatened to kill all of their families if they disobeyed him. In the end, may 30, 2014, the victim girls was Peyton Lyutner. Geyser grabbed her and Weir struck 19 times with a knife, including in the chest, near the heart. The body was left to bleed in the woods. Incredibly, the girl survived and walked to the road, where it was noticed by people.

As a young Proxy of Slenderman has been declared insane at the time of the crime, in the end, charges against them were dropped. However, the court ruled that Anissa weier have to spend in a psychiatric hospital for 25 years, and Morgan Geyser — 3 years. Given the already carried out under the supervision of a psychiatrists time, the latter will now be released, but the 16-year-old Anissa will be there only at the age of 37 years.

I confess, I’m surprised such a sentence, as in this case stay in the clinic for the mentally ill equates to punishment. As the court may determine the duration of treatment of mental illness? If you want no healing, and some justice, then call a spade a spade.

Anyway, Anissa weier said that he deeply repented. Or maybe the Slenderman made her so to speak.

Thanks to Pavel Afanasenko for the tip.

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