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25 minutes of gameplay State of Decay 2

25 минут геймплея State of Decay 2State of Decay 2 will be released on PC and Xbox One on may 22.

Staff IGN kept his promise and began to publish gameplay video of State of Decay 2. Trifles journalists and immediately went with the trump card — we presented a 25-minute video.

One of the main features of action — support of the cooperative to four users. In the company of players are doing the same things and alone, traveling through the open world, deal with the zombies and collect gear.

Exploring the area, the heroes can catch the bloody plague — the disease spread by some creature. The best remedy for disease — a blood samples. The latter can be extracted from a plague of hearts — disgusting clumps of biomass. However, be careful — the destruction of the substance attracted the infected from miles around.

As in the original game, State of Decay 2 implemented dynamic change of day and night. After sundown to survive becomes more difficult, besides in the dark it’s pitch dark thanks to the flashlight the survivors stumble on ghouls. The developers at Undead Labs have made a night that they wanted to convey a sense of danger.

However, the sequel will not keep you in suspense and scare — once the game has co-op mode, it means that people will always find a way to have some fun! For example, sitting in the car, open the door and shove it particularly unlucky monster.

State of Decay 2 will be released on PC and Xbox One on may 22.

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