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25 creepy paintings of famous artists

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Did you know that the mask of the killer from “Scream” Wes Craven was inspired by the eponymous painting by Edvard Munch? And that one of the posters of “Texas chainsaw massacre” for a reason reminiscent of the landscape of Andrew Wyeth? And that painting of Amedeo Modigliani so scared of the young Andres, Moschettithat he later used drawn a woman as the basis for a monster of his movie “It”?

The horror lived, lives and will live in all objects of art, and especially images. Today, this art-top, we are not going to look fresh creations of modern designers, but it is a classic, but no less creepy works of art. Such, according to the portal list25, have recruited as many as 25 pieces.


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