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23 Blizzard banned thousands of players in Overwatch

Blizzard забанила 23 тысячи игроков в OverwatchAll players, sanctioned game Studio, played on the Korean servers.

Employees of company Blizzard announced that they banned 22,865 players of the popular network shooter Overwatch “for hacking.” All players, sanctioned game Studio, played on the Korean servers.

According to the statement Blizzard, their first priority is maintaining comfortable playing conditions for most users. Also, the company announced that they will continue to take countermeasures regarding the “certain communities”, referring probably cheaters playing Overwatch. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

One of the main difficulties with which the “anti-hacking” companies facing the developers was the fact that most Korean users play in Overwatch in computer clubs. Hour game in a place like this on a modern computer in an already purchased version of the shooter is an average of $ 1. If the game players are subject to sanctions, he just grafted on a different computer and the game continues with a new account.

Despite the fact that the Korean computer clubs usually have all the permission for public use of the game, and they pay Commission to the developer, this format of access complicates the search for offenders. Among the most common prohibited programs that use the Koreans, the company said so-called “auto-aim” and the program that’s causing the problem in Internet connection of other players.

Blizzard also noted that a similar problem with hacking and cheating is not observed in other countries. This is due to the lack of licensed gaming clubs. Thus, a player from another country who enters the ban, have to re-buy the game. Unwillingness to spend a decent amount on fresh copy in case the ban reduces the number of offenders to a minimum.

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