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$ 218 — all you need for happiness

218 долларов — все, что нужно для счастья

Our government is so far removed from reality that is already zeroed and the meaning of the terms “rich” and “poor”.

It seems that our President sincerely believes in the effectiveness of propaganda — if all the more convincing to assure citizens that they are all not as bad as it seems, that life, just like the story will get better by itself. A positive attitude, of course, important, but everything has its limits.

Recently watched the scene in the store. Two ordinary-looking women, long time no see. “How are you?”, — asks one another. She sighs: “it has been Hard. The husband died, and I am 30 thousand (at work) receive.” Her friend changing in the face: “How are you doing?”…

This is a discussion about who in Russia is considered middle class, raised after the President’s speech in the next series of project TASS “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”. However, the President in the debate is not involved — he is firmly convinced that the middle class in Russia are the ones who de facto live on the income from 17 thousand rubles per month and above. On the day of the release of this interview with exchange rate of national currency has fallen to the level of 78 rubles to the dollar. So the “middle class we have” — those who have already as much as $ 218 per month.

Here Andrei Vandenko asks: “About the middle class. Where lost? Said there would be more than half?” In this, Putin replied: “There is a corresponding technique of World Bank, it is that the middle class is considered by number of households, people whose income is half more than the minimum wage. We have these… minimum wage 11280, in my opinion, in this year, and the average salary is much higher. We have such a lot, surely more than 70%”.

Indeed, there is a technique of World Bank, which, incidentally, is also not ideal, but still, the main thing method of Vladimir Putin. It is that first, we determine a minimum wage on which to live except in a concentration camp, then add 50%, get a little less than 17 thousand rubles a month per person and cheerfully tell ourselves and the world that the middle class is “over 70% of the population.”

Here comes to mind erupted about half a year ago a scandal in one of the regions of Russia, where a local official has stated that “makaroshki” it is currently possible to live. Than Putin’s statement about the middle class is fundamentally different from the words of the official? Actually, nothing, except that it is still under the pressure of public outrage, fired, and the head of state to dismiss no one. Moreover, on 22 April, the people will come and vote for the amendments to the Constitution, prolonging his power, at least until the horizon of 2036…

Common point of view that the love of the Russian people to Putin, faith in him, irrational. Although, hand on heart, we must admit that it is not so. People in Russia are for the most part live hard, but I’m afraid that if he leaves, it will be even worse. I can see why. But then another question arises. About dignity.

The rebellion against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine was called the “Revolution of dignity”. The people there just couldn’t deal with the offensive, as they believed, behavior of the head of state, spit on their opinion (in particular, the desire of a significant part of Ukrainians towards integration with Europe), allowing your guardsmen to deal with them as with cattle. Here the Ukrainian people, but rather, it is a politically active minority, had, however, moral, physical and material support of the majority, could not endure in 2013-2014.

So, in my opinion, when a person receiving a salary of about 750 thousand rubles per month (official salary of the President of the Russian Federation), says those who receive 17 thousand that they are “middle class”, and therefore implies thus that all of them more or less in order, it is, in my opinion, offensive.

18 Dec 2014 the same man, answering the question about the salary of Igor Sechin, looking into the camera, said, “the Salary Sechin did not know. Honestly, even his salary — how to bring, I pile them on account of the posting, do not even think that.” I think, it hardly should inspire the “middle class” living on the income from 17 thousand rubles per month and above.

However, the majority of Russians still do not offend. Or not quite so?

Interesting the reaction of the readers can be seen under the material, RIA “Novosti”, October 7, 2019 with the headline “Putin increased the salary of his and Medvedev.” Just on the news reacted 4250 readers state news Agency, and only 569 of them pushed the button with thumb up (“like, approve of”), 407 chose “smile”, 62 — “surprise”, and the rest of 3212 people have experienced either “sadness” or “anger”, or (the most popular option — 2783 people) pushed the button with your finger down (“dislike, do not approve”).

Why would people have such a reaction to the indexing of the already good quality of life for the powers that be? Perhaps because the real love of the people to the leader is somewhat exaggerated. It is also possible that this is because in reality, “70 percent of Putin’s middle class” live mostly in his imagination, not in the vastness of the Fatherland. Suffice it to say that according to official statistics even glamorous situation much worse.

First, the income of 17 thousand rubles per person per month, which obviously can not be recognized by the level that separates the poor from the middle class. A real, dignified human existence, a minimum of income in Russia today, probably should be defined somewhere in the region of 30 thousand. About the same amount of work, if be indexed to annual inflation (2000 to 2019, inclusive of General inflation officially was 199%) the real cost of living, rasschityvaya specialists of the Academy of labor and social relations almost twenty years ago, in the early 2000-ies. Then they estimated was 12 thousand rubles per person per month.

The table Rosstat, focusing on population distribution by average per capita money income, level of 30 thousand rubles no. If we take as a criterion from which to begin the “middle class”, which is close to the amount of 27 thousand rubles, it turns out that such income (and below) living in Russia more than half (54.5 per cent) of the population. If you count from there to income in 100 thousand roubles, by the conventional “middle class” in Russia can be attributed not 70%, but only 42.1 percent. Accordingly, the “rich” include those official statistics hides under the category of “over 100 thousand”. Those of us of 3.2%.

As you can see, even official statistics do not coincide with those in anticipation of the “Russian vote” offers his electorate Vladimir Putin. However, they are far from reality. Suffice it to say that in recent years, when according to other official figures, the income levels fell in the above table Rosstat was the opposite. There we see how steadily, from year to year in Russia reduced the number of poor, and, on the contrary, a growing number of middle and affluent segments of the population. In General, in the best tradition of “socialist realism” — from good to best…

However, as already repeatedly noted, the Russian statistics in the context of continuous deterioration of the economy less like science and more and more a tool of propaganda. However, the stomach and pocket of the citizens infinitely impossible to deceive.

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