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21-year-old Dane lost 60 pounds and become a model, began to eat with a teaspoon


Throughout the life of the Danish Mathilda Bromberg was full and clumsy. Since childhood, parents taught her tightly to eat, believing that it will make her body stronger. The girl was not against it: leaned on the sweet, starchy foods, fast food. Her average daily diet was 3500 calories. As a result, by the age of 16 Matilda weighed 126 kg.


Completeness always prevented the girl to live a full life, but the desire to lose weight wasn’t strong enough to refuse to eat. Exactly to the moment until something happened that completely changed her life: riding a roller coaster, the girl almost fell out of the chair, miraculously resist. Thus the extra pounds nearly cost her her life.

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After that, Matilda sat on a strict diet. Eating the last piece of cake, she completely abandoned flour, sweet and, of course, fast food. But the main trick by which the girl learned how to trick your brain, it was powered by a teaspoon. So Matilda has learned to stretch every meal and feel full.


As a result, 4 years Matilda has lost twice. Today her weight is 66 kilos. In Instagram, which leads the girl, she posts photos from the past and compares them with photographs of the present. The result is really amazing! Matilda not only lost weight, but also strengthened my body in the gym. Today she has a beautiful, slender athletic figure.

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However, to obtain such a body, she including had to do abdominoplasty — surgery to remove excess skin from the abdomen. Now about the past is like a scar left after the surgery.


Today Matilda not only inspires people who are obese, but also works as a fashion model and a fitness trainer. She advises everyone who faced the same problem and helps people to take the path of a healthy lifestyle.

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