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2018 students will study 12 years

С 2018 года школьники будут учиться 12 летThe “law on education” was adopted in September.

According to the adopted in September last year, the “Law on education”, starting this year students will study for 12 years. The new law provided for the separation of secondary education into three levels: primary education lasting four years; basic secondary education lasting five years; specialized secondary education lasting three years.

The latter (profile) level will have two directions. The first area is academic, involves the continuation of education in higher education institutions. The second direction of the profile, oriented to the labour market, i.e. the relevant learning based on Association of the content of education and professionally oriented approach to education.

Another innovation is that now after each level of education will be held state certification, which may take place in particular in the form of external evaluation.

Training of students in the twelve-year secondary education starts, for primary education from 1 September 2018; for basic secondary education from September 1, 2022; responsible for secondary education from September 1, 2027.

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