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20 years ago disappeared politician Viktor Gonchar and businessman Anatoly Krasovsky

20 лет назад исчезли политик Виктор Гончар и бизнесмен Анатолий Красовский

20 years ago in Minsk under mysterious circumstances disappeared politician Viktor Gonchar and businessman Anatoly Krasovsky.

20 лет назад исчезли политик Виктор Гончар и бизнесмен Анатолий Красовский

Viktar Hanchar and Anatol Krasouski

Who are Hanchar and Krasouski?

Viktar Hanchar, a politician, a statesman. Worked as an associate Professor of the Belarusian Institute of national economy, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, General Secretary of the CIS Economic court, Deputy Chairman of the Molodechno town Executive Committee, Chairman of the Central Commission for elections and referendums. Member of the Supreme Council of Belarus of XII and XIII convocations.

20 лет назад исчезли политик Виктор Гончар и бизнесмен Анатолий Красовский

Viktar Hanchar. Photo:

During the 1994 elections was in Lukashenka’s team. However, shortly after President Lukashenko began to implement the policy, was not such as he promised, the Potter went into opposition. He actively opposed the President during the November 1996 referendum, refused to recognize the results of the 1996 referendum. As a result lost the post of Chairman of the CEC.

Anatoly Krasovsky, a businessman. Worked as General Director of the company “krasico” which is engaged in the supply of exotic vegetables, fruits, wine, publishing, construction, wholesale and retail trade.

20 лет назад исчезли политик Виктор Гончар и бизнесмен Анатолий Красовский

Anatoly Krasovsky. Photo:

The disappearance

On the evening of September 16, 1999 Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky came to the bathhouse, located in Minsk, the street Factory, 20. They were last seen at about 22.35, when both left the building and got into Krasouski belonged to the Jeep Cherokee.

The Prosecutor’s office of Minsk initiated a criminal case on the fact of disappearance of Hanchar and Krasouski. According to investigators, during the inspection of the adjacent territory was discovered shards of headlight, traces of braking and hitting a tree and traces of blood. The results of the quotes showed that the origin discovered at the scene of the traces of blood from Krasovsky excluded, and the reliability of conclusions about the origin of the blood stains from Gonchar is 99.6%. The analysis of the collected evidence, including the testimony of witnesses, suggests that Hanchar and Krasouski were forcibly abducted by unknown persons.

In January 2003, the case was closed and found the men missing. Then it again took out of the archive, but a preliminary investigation of the disappearance of Hanchar and Krasouski had been suspended by the Investigative Committee November 5, 2018 “in connection with failure of the person subject to attraction as accused”.

Whom do you suspect?

The “trigger” of Mr. Gonchar’s disappearance, according to his colleague Basil Shlyndikov, the intention was to spend three days — September 19 — an extended meeting dispersed by the time the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, with the participation of independent trade unions and opposition political activists, this meeting was going to make a decision about the national campaign for the removal of Lukashenka from power on the basis of evidence of violations of laws by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Four months before the disappearance of Viktar Hanchar and Anatol Krasouski, on 7 may 1999, in Minsk under mysterious circumstances disappeared, another opposition politician, former interior Minister of Belarus Yury Zakharanka, which is also included in the team Lukashenko. Upon its disappearance criminal case under article “Premeditated murder”, which has not been completed so far.

The report devoid of registration of the human rights center “Viasna” the main suspects in the abduction and probable killing of Gonchar and Krasovsky called Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Viktar Sheiman (the then head of the security Council), Yuri Sivakov and Vladimir Naumov (at different times the Ministers of the interior), Dmitri Pavlichenko (then the commander of military unit 3214) and Nikolay Vasilchenko (then — head of the security Service of the President).

In many ways, the findings of human rights are based on the 2000 report of major-General Nicholas lopatica the interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, in which he was called by the abduction of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs Dmitry Pavlichenko.

Photo: Belarusian documentation centre



20 лет назад исчезли политик Виктор Гончар и бизнесмен Анатолий Красовский
20 лет назад исчезли политик Виктор Гончар и бизнесмен Анатолий Красовский

23 November 2000 he was arrested the commander of special forces brigade of interior Ministry troops Dmitry Pavlicenco. His arrest was preceded by a report of the chief of the confinement center # 1 Oleg Alkaev — the seizure of the so-called firing of the gun before the disappearances of Zakharenko, Gonchar and Krasovsky. Fell under suspicion and Viktor Sheiman. However, in jail Pavlichenko spent only a few hours. It was released on the personal order of the President. A few days have lost their jobs, Prosecutor General Oleg Bozhelko and KGB chief Vladimir Matskevich. Place Bozhelko took Viktor Sheiman.

Lukashenko: “They played in policy”

In 2011, Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview with the American Professor Grigory Ioffe told why he interfered in the investigation of high-profile cases and ordered the release of Dmitry Pavlichenko.

— The criminal case was closed. The case was investigated, but the case was closed. I intervened. I asked why you put him in jail? Why? You grabbed him on the street and put in jail. Continue to investigate the case. Especially, you know, Pavlichenko and then it setups a lot. Why? Because he was the head of the riot police in Minsk, and when our [the nationalists] staged a demonstration and attempted to overthrow the government, Pavlichenko was a very quick response. He was not so much for President — he was a real officer. Here is the order I’ll do it. And it is there from different sides of the rolls. When they came to me and said that they are interrogating him and that they have the suspicions against him, I asked what they had proof, because Pavlichenko was not just a man in the street. He has always been the enemy of our fifth column. Worst enemy. I said to them: show me your evidence. They said they have a record. I said, well, bring it to me, and I’ll listen.

According to him, when he brought the recording to the audition, he compared the printed and audio protocols, “and it turned out that they didn’t match, some parts were skipped.”

Alexander Lukashenko also said that at the request of Pavel Yakubovich (then — editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Soviet Belarus”) gave the command to hold to the Academy of Sciences of the wife of the disappeared Viktar Hanchar — Zinaida Gonchar.

— So I’m not gonna throw these people I once knew. Well, those played in policy. But until now, no one knows where they are
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