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16 secluded Paradise beaches in the world. Photo

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. ФотоThe most remote and inaccessible beaches in the world.

Hot sun, soft sand and sound of waves on the coast spend their holidays every year millions of people.

A significant part of them goes to the most popular beach resorts, while some travelers prefer the exclusively secluded and wild beaches. It often happens that the fabulously beautiful wild beaches, untouched harmony, are very close to the lively resort areas, and some beaches to reach by land is just not possible. Remote location from the tourist areas and inaccessibility make them even more attractive for tourists who prefer to stay in unusual places. If you, too, beckon uncharted space and perspective to relax on the deserted coast, you have to choose in the present rating of any secluded beach is not difficult.

Playa de of the Ballot, Spain

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

On the Asturian coast of Spain is Playa de Ballot is a charming secluded beach, one of the most deserted and beautiful in the country. If you look at this stretch of coast, surrounded by inaccessible cliffs, from a height, its shape resembles a seashell. The surrounding beach and high cliffs covered with dense thickets of trees that make up the contrast of the sandy coast and the water an amazing turquoise color.

Playa de Ballot has a rather impressive scale, the length of the sandy beach is 350 metres away. One of the main attractions of these places is the island-Castro rock on the coast with magnificent views. To reach the beach, tourists prefer the sea, on the coast it is extremely rare to find tourists even in the height of tourist season.

More recently, the area near the beach is protected zone and is under protection, so the access of travellers to this area is limited. Those who decide to spend the day on the beautiful coast of Playa de Ballot, it is worth considering that on the coast and in its immediate surroundings completely lacks any infrastructure. A distinctive feature of secluded beach is the almost constant presence of strong waves, the pressure of which significantly mitigate natural breakwaters – framing the coastline cliffs.

Love beach, Mexico

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

One of the most secluded and unusual beaches in the world, you should look at the Islands Las Marietas, in the picturesque Bay of Banderas. This tiny beach formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity, it’s actually located inside a big cave and surrounded on all sides by high rock formations. The latter form over the big ring, making the structure unique.

Since 2008, the entire territory of the archipelago Marietas declared a national nature reserve, guests of the Islands will be a unique opportunity to see rare species of plants, animals and marine life. Many travelers visit amazing beach hoping to see flocks of dolphins that have taken a fancy to these beautiful places. Close to the coast presented an amazing variety of corals and other inhabitants of the underwater world, so relax on the romantic beach, it will be interesting to fans of diving.

Love beach is one of the hottest on the planet, in the summer air under the arches of the cave are often heated to 40 degrees Celsius. An important feature of the archipelago Marietas is an abundance of caves and tunnels, one of which you can get to the hidden beach. It is noteworthy that after years of study of the archipelago, many of its secret tunnels and underground lakes, of which there are too many, remain unknown. After relaxing on the beach, you can go on a fascinating walk around the island, it also brings a lot of impressions.

Glossa Beach, Greece

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

In the South-Western part of the Peloponnese in the district of Messenia is the amazing beach of Glossa beach that protects from the wind and prying eyes is high rock, covered with thick green bushes. Available for holiday stretch of coast has a regular triangular shape and are covered with soft white sand. To reach the secluded beach is only by sea, framing its high cliffs completely exclude access to the coast by land.

In the immediate vicinity of the coast are colonies of corals, Glossa beach is the perfect place to practice snorkeling. Like here and experienced divers, who can admire the beauty of the underwater world all alone. The secluded beach is very calm and gentle, a comfortable stay is provided, even those who cannot swim or travel with young children. The wind is strong and waves too are very rare for an isolated stretch of coast. For many years Glossa beach is among the most beautiful and cleanest beaches of Greece.

Honopu beach, USA

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Hawaii is also famous for its amazing beaches, special place among which occupies Honopu beach. It is located on the island of Kauai, the scenic Pali. On this secluded stretch of coast is also impossible to reach by land, it is surrounded by incredibly beautiful rocks which reaches a height of 365 meters. Due to the abundance of mineral deposits and areas covered with thick vegetation, rocks get an unusual coloring that makes them even more unique.

In fact, large sandy beach divided into two equal parts of high rock that juts out deep into the sea. Guests of the beach will be able to move freely between them through a small natural arch formed in the rock. Another interesting feature of the beach Honopu beach is a picturesque waterfall that falls from one of the rocks.

Experienced travelers, who often rest on nearby parts of the coast, you know that to get to the beach is not only on the water. In those rare days when the coast is absolutely quiet, secluded beach you can walk along the coastline from the nearby beach kalau. Travellers who decide to reach the secluded beach swim, it is worth considering that this stretch of coast is characterized by strong underwater currents.

Playa de Cuevas del Mar, Spain

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Length: 300 meters.

The charming beach of Cuevas del Mar, located in the Eastern part of Asturias, is among the most scenic and uncrowded beaches in Spain. Its name in Spanish literally translates as “sea caves” that fully reflects the main feature of the coast. It is framed by beautiful cliffs with many arches and caves, which in themselves represent unique natural landmark. Through one of the arches, the location where the uninitiated tourists to find it will be very difficult, you can go to a luxury secluded beach.

The length of the beach is about 300 meters, its cover soft and incredibly beautiful white sand. Many travelers tend to visit these places at high tide to observe, as being the water fills the voids in the rocks. During low tide, tourists will be able in every detail to consider, stone and limestone, the unique features which contributed to the formation of the unusual landscape.

Close to the beach is full of interesting sights, including the mouth of the Cuevas river and unique rock Jesters Priya, so holidaymakers will always have the opportunity to diversify the leisure of interesting Hiking. Charmed by the picturesque seaside and professional photographers. Choosing best position for shooting, they definitely need to be careful, especially during high tide, because on the coast there are a large number of sharp rocks and boulders.

Beach Navage, Greece

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Located on the island of Zakynthos, the beach Navage is also popular with lovers of secluded relaxation. Literally, the name can be translated from Greek as “shipwrecked”, many hundreds of years ago this stretch of coast was considered by mariners one of the most dangerous and insidious. The reason for that underground currents, which lost control and ran aground many ships.

One of them – the ship dock is the main attraction of the secluded beach. How a ship of smugglers left high on the shore, still remains unknown, it is likely that on the sandy shore carried him during the strongest tide or a storm. The beach is surrounded by high steep cliffs that reach deep into the sea and completely eliminate the opportunity to get to the coast by land.

To get to the beautiful sandy beach is only by boat or on the boat, devoid of infrastructure wild beach is incredibly popular with tourists. Every day, travelers come here to see ancient ship of smugglers and relax in serene surroundings. Despite the relatively large number of tourists, the atmosphere on the beach is always calm, quiet and relaxed. Those who wish to spend time in an atmosphere of privacy, it is best to go to the beach NewAge early in the morning.

The Fjord Of Furore, Italy

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Amazing hidden beach is in Italy, a charming fjord of furore is not like any other beach in the world. It was established in a small rocky gorge and is framed on both sides high cliffs. Is a hidden beach in the eponymous city, but to reach it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Guests of the neighbouring resorts prefer to go to the beach by boat and the way to the city by land, rugged rock formations, is quite long and tedious. On the territory of the small town of furore is home to not more than 800 people and operates a few miniature hotels, so the beach is never congested vacationers. Covers a scenic stretch of coastline large bright pebbles, the seashore is very shallow and calm so is perfect for families with children.

At any time customers can leave the coast and explore the picturesque town or climb to the top of one of the rocks on the steep stone stairs and look at the beach from a height. Amazing natural port attracted the attention of not only fans of beach holidays, but also ornithologists. Here the high cliffs are home to rare species of birds, including rare hawks-pilgrims, to see which dream researchers from around the world.

Beach White Paradise, Australia

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Length: 7 km.

Australia is a fabulously beautiful beach with the romantic name of White Paradise, the likes of which beauty the planet to find will be difficult. The beach is located on Whitsunday island and is a huge lagoon that juts out into the island is 7 km away. the lagoon Water is a deep turquoise color, and its shores cover dazzling white sand. Due to the huge number of sandbars and backwaters of the contrast of colors in the lagoon creates a unique, bird’s eye view of this unique beach resembles a real artistic masterpiece.

To get to the huge beach lagoon travelers on the boat, many tourists staying on the coast at night to early in the morning to meet the sunrise. Unique quartz sand that covers the beach is the cleanest in the world, and the beach was the Prime environmental ratings presented by CNN. The most beautiful is considered the Northern section of the lagoon, here the sand and the turquoise water is wonderfully mixed in the shallow water, forming contrasting patterns.

For tourists who like unusual entertainment on the Whitsunday island will offer an exciting ride on a hydroplane, with a bird’s-eye lagoon it is possible to consider in detail. Some parts of the coast are perfect for water sports, while others were equipped for the needs of tourists and suitable for a picnic. Those who wish to spend time in solitude, do not worry. On the extensive beach lagoon to find a quiet and deserted place will not be easy.

The Beach Loch ARD, Australia

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

In Australia, nature reserve, Port Campbell, Victoria is the picturesque beach of Loch ARD. Its location became the namesake gorge, framed by beautiful high cliffs. The sand and rock formations on the beach are incredibly beautiful coral shade, thanks to them, the water on the coast becomes saturated emerald colour. Slice is located on the coast the rocks is of great interest for researchers, it is possible to literally examine a multimillion-dollar history of the planet.

Its unusual name beach Loch ARD was in honor of the ship, which during a heavy storm, was wrecked on this stretch of coast in 1878. Near a quiet beach is a number of outstanding natural attractions including the world-famous group of rocks “Twelve apostles.” Its amazing the beauty of the sandy beach and surrounding cliffs are required the normal process of erosion, the iron content of local rocks is very great. The erosion process does not stop for a minute, but because of the surrounding beach scenery change every year.

To get to the beach is not only on water but also on land, however, the path steep cliffs can not be called simple. Close to the beach is a small Museum devoted to the peculiarities of the national reserve. Tourists who are not indifferent to the sea, tend to visit the beach, Loch ARD during the storm. The location rocks, the noise from the crashing of the waves increases many times, creating a Grand acoustics.

Beach, Butterfly Valley, Turkey

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

In Turkey too, there is picturesque and secluded beach for fans of rest in the atmosphere of complete tranquility. In the immediate vicinity of ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley is an incredibly beautiful sandy Bay surrounded by 350-foot cliffs Babadag. Travellers who wish to get to the isolated beach by land, you will have to spend almost the whole day, it is much easier to swim to an isolated stretch of coast on the boat.

At the height of tourist season, guests at the beach dining is also available at camping companies, everyone is welcome to stay at this beautiful place for a few days, enjoy the gentle sea and the surrounding beach beauty. The campsite is located on the territory of the tiny village of Faralya, which is situated on the cliffs high above the beach. In addition to accommodation, tourists are offered the rental of beach equipment, a secluded Bay is ideal for snorkeling and other water sports.

Its romantic name the stretch of coast received far not by chance, the fact that on the territory of the Valley of the Butterflies and its closest vicinity is found over 80 species of butterflies, some insects are very rare. Experienced climbers on the coast will be able to hone skills that frame the Bay of rocks are best suited for training.

Beach Blanche, Morocco

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Morocco is a unique beach dune Blanche is one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in the world. A deserted stretch of coast covers the fine light sand, which gradually becomes a grandiose dunes and forms an incredibly beautiful desert landscape. Beach dune Blanche is often called “the youngest son of the Sahara,” a desert country really has an impressive scale and a harsh climate.

These features of the coast does not confuse the tourists who visit the beach in search of solitude. The easiest way to get to the beach – rent a boat and some travel lovers choose a more complicated way – go to the coast by jeep. The last option is particularly appeal to those who love Safari and a long trip, and wants to get acquainted with the amazing diversity of the inhabitants of the desert.

Beach Blanche is not only deserted, but also very calm, strong waves on the coast are extremely rare. Those who used to sunbathe with caution, it is worth remembering that Blanche is one of the hottest beaches in the world. To hide from the sun here only in the shade of an umbrella brought with him.

Pink beach, Netherlands

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Length: 1.5 km.

On the southern tip of the island of Bonaire, which is part of the Netherlands Antilles, is a wonderful Pink beach. This stretch of coast with a length of about 1.5 km is an incredible beauty, covers its luxurious sand a soft pink color. Your impeccable beauty of the beach is obliged nearby coral reef, the smallest particles of which are painted coastal zone in pink. The water is also incredibly beautiful and in clear weather acquires a deep blue tint.

Wonderful Pink beach is incredibly popular with couples and romantic natures, are attracted to these places, and divers who very little time on the coast and immediately head out to enjoy the sea depths. Diving here is really great, the visibility under water in calm weather can reach 50 meters.

Also worth noting is that year-round water at Pink beach is well heated, its temperature is not less than 25 degrees Celsius. A few years ago near the beautiful beach was built some small hotels that do not violate the natural harmony of the island. Unique on the coast is still no infrastructure that allows you to enjoy the comfort of the lovers of the “wild rest”.

The Beach Of Holbox, Mexico

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Length: 34 km.

Travelers who will visit Mexico in search of secluded beaches should definitely go on a adorable beach Holbox. It is located on the eponymous island, which is considered one of the most beautiful Islands in the country. Literally, the name of the island from the Mayan language can be translated as “Black hole”, its territory is only one small settlement, there are no cars and no infrastructure.

A significant part of the island is a unique nature reserve, the inhabitants of which are birds. Guests of the Holbox is a great opportunity to relax on a luxurious deserted coast, and then to scenic walks and listen to the singing of exotic birds. Relaxing on a deserted beach accessible only by boat, tourists can diversify a lot of interesting entertainment.

Accompanied by one of the locals can take a boat trip along the coast and watch the huge whales that have chosen this place, are found close to the island and rare species of sharks. The migration of whale sharks occurs from early may to early October, it was at this time the island is visited by most tourists. In part, to its deserted surroundings, the beach of Holbox is obliged impressive scale, its length is about 34 km and Covers the coast of the luxurious white sand, and some areas of beach to the coast close come close thickets of trees.

Beach Arcachon, France

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

Length: 5 km Width: 300 meters.

In France, one of the most secluded beaches of Arcachon is located in Aquitaine, in the eponymous resort. The length of this gently sloping beach covered with white sand is about 5 km, to find the beach quiet retreat is not difficult, even in the height of tourist season.

It is noteworthy that the resort of Arcachon is well known not only to fans of beach rest, but also gourmets. The fact that on the coast for many years bred oysters and the nearby restaurants visitors are offered to try a lot of amazing dishes of seafood. Secluded and deserted stretches of beach Arcachon replaced quite lively, moving along the coast, many tourists prefer bikes.

Unique beach is one of the largest in Europe, in the Central part of the coast its width is 300 meters. Travelers who want to diversify their holidays on beach walks to interesting places, will have the opportunity to visit the largest dune in Europe with a height of 118 meters. In the evening a significant part of the rest is moved adjacent to the coast restaurants and the beach takes on truly quiet and serene environment.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

In Northern Namibia is a unique beach with awesome name – the skeleton Coast. Sandy coast smoothly into the vast desert to get to the beach you can only overcome it completely. Because of the cold Atlantic currents, which takes place in coastal waters, the beach is practically always a heavy fog, which is the main danger for mariners.

For many years the principal inhabitants of the desert of the beach are seals, their biggest colony lives near Cape Cross. Despite the deserted coast, coastal waters in these places are rich in fish, which makes the habitat for the seals is just perfect. A significant part of the extensive sandy beach located in the nature reserve, which for the tourists, as there are organised excursions. Skeleton coast is not just one of the most inaccessible beaches in the world, but also one of the most desolate places on the planet.

Just a few years ago to explore the needs of the coast was founded by a small campground, so now travelers have the opportunity to stay in the desert for a few days. Its intimidating name coast received far not by chance, during a walk on the beach, you notice a huge number of skeletons of whales, and the rusting skeletons of old ships, which also resemble giant skeletons. The best time to visit the beach is during November to may, the rest of the year, the holidays can break the strong cold wind.

The Beach Of Tai Long WAN, China

16 уединенных райских пляжей мира. Фото

In China, too, has a beautiful beach, a path will be an unforgettable experience — tai long WAN. The fact that is one of the most deserted beaches in the world in Hong Kong, seems unbelievable. The beach is in the homonymous Bay, which even on weekends and in the peak summer season is visited by only few tourists. Remote location it’s most crowded areas of Hong Kong is not the only reason why the beach is empty all year round.

For this stretch of coast is characterized by relatively strong undercurrents and large waves did not subside almost never. The Bay is popular with surfers and those who prefer to sunbathe in full privacy. Despite the fact that vibrant districts of Hong Kong beach are separated by only 30 km, you can reach it very easy. The beach is on the Peninsula of SAI Kung, a significant part of which is a nature reserve with impenetrable thickets of trees.

Passable roads in the reserve there, so to reach the coast only on foot. The path through the reserve is not less than one and a half hours, along the way tourists will have the opportunity to see not only the unique natural sights, and some old abandoned villages. A significant portion of tourists prefers a more easy and quick way, they arrive on the coast by boat. Experienced travelers are well aware of the lovely waterfall that is near the beach and is part of the flow of a mountain river Sheung Luke. The waterfall forms a magnificent natural pool, where you can also swim and sunbathe on the huge stones.

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