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15-year-old Ukrainian became an MEP

15-летняя украинка стала евродепутатомGirl migrant from Donetsk.

Young angelina Kasyanov, having moved from Donetsk to Kiev, has been in Brussels for meetings. She became the first representative of Ukraine in the recently established Children’s Parliament under the international organization Eurochild.

According to the selection rules in the competition can participate children from Evrostran. But angelina made an exception because she’s been a member of Eurochild. And seeing video resume, chose for the European Parliament as a representative from Ukraine.

In its first meeting, the immigrant introduced the idea of creating a recreational camp where children will be able to provide psychological help and also sposobstovat rehabilitation.

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I decided not to waste precious time, and while four of my fellow parliamentarians were silent, offered for consideration in developing the strategy for a subject that is very close to me and many children in our country – the problem of the children of immigrants. I went ahead, took the initiative in their own hands and made a large part of the ideas in our strategy. I think that all this is due to the acquired experience during the last four years

In Brussels, the girl was found with Rebecca harms, who promised support and assistance in collaboration with UNICEF.
Now angelina is studying in 9th class. In the capital she and her family moved to 2014. The refuge plans to address the issues of child inclusive education in Ukraine.

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The office for children was established in the spring of this year to introduce children to discuss important issues concerning peace, non-discrimination and democracy. Young participants were recruited from Greece, Finland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Serbia and Spain, and Ukraine.

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