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15 simple but effective ways of dealing with stress

15 простых, но эффективных способов борьбы со стрессомIf you watch, the stress and depression is very popular.

Want to know what to do to relieve stress and get rid of nervous tension? We know light and also a nice way to improve mood, which confirmed the effectiveness of scientific research.

A 10-minute walk will not only help to “clear the mind” and to distance themselves from negative emotions, but also to increase the amount produced of endorphins, which effectively relieve stress.

Take a few deep breaths. Breathing exercises — even a few deep breaths — will help you to reduce tension and relieve stress, thanks to the additional oxygen entering the body.

Stress often accompanies the feeling of hunger. Eat something healthy, like an Apple or a handful of nuts that will quickly bring a feeling of satiety.

Buy a green plant in the pot and put it on your desktop. It has long been known that surrounding yourself with green plants, you can lower the level of nervous tension.

Try every hour at least 5 minutes to step away from the monitor screen. But at home, an hour before sleep, “detach” from the global network in the literal and figurative sense.

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Kiss more often. Kissing, like walking, helps to produce endorphins — hormones of happiness. Besides, it’s a very pleasant experience.

Listen to the music. Best classic — listen to it significantly reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and pulse. But if you prefer a different genre, it’s not terrible, as any music that you like helps increase the production of dopamine, which is responsible for our wellbeing.

Have some chocolate. The consumption of sweets and sugary drinks effect on our body a calming effect, because they slow down the production of glucocorticoids — stress hormones.

Chew chewing gum that not only freshens breath, but also reduce anxiety, improve attention and reduce stress, especially if you perform multiple jobs at the same time.

View a funny video online, for example, on the website There is nothing better to improve our health, what a laugh, thanks to which the body begins to produce lots of endorphins — the hormone of joy and pleasure.

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Turn off the phone. When the phone is on, we feel obliged to reply to the message or call immediately, which causes constant tension.

Spend time with friends. Meeting with friends is not only pleasant pastime, but the time spent with health benefits. It turns out that when we communicate with friends and family, in our body reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Eat a banana or potatoes. They contain a lot of potassium, which regulates blood pressure, increasing in stressful situations.

Needlework has a very calming effect on our body. Embroidery, knitting and other similar sorts of work relax and calm the nerves. And recently a real hit of steel coloring pages for adults that also help to relieve stress.

Use the Internet wisely. Instead of 10 times a day to check your Inbox and social media accounts, look for other effective ways of dealing with stress. It can be video lessons on meditation or exercises for relaxation and relaxation.

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