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15 facts about the movie “Rogue-one: Star wars. Of history”: What you need to know before viewing

This is not an article for fans: they already know the names of all locations, where was filmed “cast away”, and the names of incidental characters and even marking new droids. In contrast, all of the data we have collected for those who just loves “Star wars” and cautiously expect spin-offs with long and complex rolling title. And that’s what they should know about the blockbuster “Rogue-one: Star wars. History.”

15 facts about the movie “Rogue-one: Star wars. Of history”: What you need to know before viewing

Serial number
It is believed that this is the eighth official full-length movie in the “universe” of “Star wars.” In fact, there were three patterns: “Star wars Holiday special, the Ewok adventure” and “Ewoks: Battle for Endor”. Formally, they are considered movies, but in some areas they were shown in theaters. “Holiday special” is considered a major failure, and the movies about the Ewoks still enjoy watching loyal fans of the Saga.

The trailer for “Outcast-one: Star wars. History”

New composer
This is the first “Star wars”, where the song was not written by John Williams and Michael Giacchino, composer for the animated hits “Zeropolis”, “Puzzle”, “Up” and “Ratatouille”. And the blockbuster “Star trek,” “Jurassic World”, “Doctor strange” and others.

Trailer of the movie “Doctor strange”

“Old school” lenses
The cameraman Greg Fraser used for the filming of this movie a rare anamorphic lens Ultra Panavision 70, despite the fact that the camera for shooting modern digital Arri Alexa 65.

“Rogue-one: Star wars. History.” Video about creating “Life in a distant galaxy”

The story takes place somewhere between the events of the third and fourth episodes of the Saga of George Lucas. Heroes, rebels, will have to steal the blueprints of the death Star, which, as you know, the beginning of the fourth episode should be Princess Leia.

The trailer of the movie “Star wars: Episode IV – a New hope”

The protagonist is a woman
The main character of the movie name is Jin of ERSO. Played by felicity Jones. The role of father Jean ERSO got Mads Mikkelsen. Rumor has it that Jean ERSO – mother of Rhea, the protagonist of the seventh episode. But Rei needs to be born 15 years after the show in this film event.

Mads Mikkelsen in “the Hunt”

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The name of the movie
The name has three meanings, according to the authors. First, the “Outlaw-single” is military jargon meaning a call to arms. Secondly, it refers to the position of the movie to the official series “Star wars.” Thirdly, gene of ERSO, the main character of the film, is a typical “stranger among us”.

“Rogue-one. Star wars: History.” Video about the making of the film “Cosmic creation”

Darth Vader
Darth Vader appears in this film, and will voice it, traditionally, James Earl Jones. It was rumored that Darth Vader is played by Hayden Christensen, who was a young Encinom for George Lucas, but they did not materialize.

Hayden Christensen in “Star wars: Episode III – revenge of the Sith”

But the main villain is not Darth Vader
It will be called Orson Krenik, a high-ranking officer of the Empire, close to Darth Vader, but at the same time an old friend of father Jean ERSO. He is played by Ben Mendelsohn. He manages the project “death Star”, he’s tough, smart and passionate about their work. Although this character there is another, unexpected side. In addition, the filmmakers have hinted that through Kremnica we will show features of the class struggle within the Empire. He belongs to the working class, and aristocratic part of the ruling strata of the Empire are in no hurry to let him into their circle and simply prevents its promotion.

Ben Mendelsohn in the film “walk on the Mississippi”

About the trees
For the purposes of secrecy the film was sent out in American theaters under the name “The Alamo” means “poplar deltoid”.

“Rogue-one. Star wars: History.” Video about the making of the film “meet gene”

The legacy of the cartoon
Animated series “Star wars: the clone Wars” – the official part of the “universe” of “Star wars”. But the character of this series appears in the movie for the first time, it will be With guerrera, the leader of the rebel movement on the planet Onderon. He is played by forest Whitaker. With guerrera learned to fight, including, under the guidance of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-WAN Kenobi, which makes him a very important character to associate spin-offs with the main kinoseriya.

Forest Whitaker in “Ghost Dog: way of the samurai”

The most radical
They say that this is the first time in the history of the series in the beginning of the film will not be “crawled” into outer darkness titles and a prologue to the story.

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A fragment of the film “Rogue-one. Star wars: Stories”

The filmmakers argue that some costumes “moved” in this movie are straight from episodes IV-VI. What would have to guess the experts on the Saga and just attentive audience.

The trailer of the movie “Star wars: Episode VI – return of the Jedi”

They say that the city of jed in the film will resemble the Old city of Jerusalem and the ancient Israeli fortress of Masada.

A fragment of the film “Rogue-one. Star wars: Stories”

Han Solo
In the summer of 2016 the reshoots, and the film-makers told the press only that it will be done for inclusion in the “Rogue” one very important character. Immediately there were rumors that they would be the smuggler Han Solo, but soon denied this information, saying that this character in this movie. Since then, all think this about additional scenes with Darth Vader.

The scene with Han Solo in “Star wars: episode V – the Empire strikes back”

In November 2015 in sale the book “Catalyst: Outcast-one”. Her story is a prelude to a new movie. Among the heroes mentioned With guerrera and the protagonist of the “Pariah” gene, ERSO, and an essential part of the plot devoted to her parents. It is alleged that the film can be viewed without reading the book, but after that, it will be perceived more vividly.

“Rogue-one: Star wars. History.” Video from the shooting

In the framework of the promotional campaign for the “Outcast” in the Network were posted online video Rogue One: Recon, which allows the viewer to feel like a rebel, flying to the death Star. And heroically dying right next to her.

Interactive video with 360 degrees to the movie “Outlaw-Single. Star wars: Stories”

A little?
For those who want to learn more about a future movie before viewing, we made a detailed analysis of its trailer (in fact, solved a big part of the plot several seconds of the video). But collected here are the first reviews from those who have looked at the picture at the American premiere.

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