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15 celebrities before and after restorations

Demi Moore

We recently released an article on the veneer. You, dear Gossip girl, so fiercely argued in the comments on this topic that we decided to move from theory to practice and show what wonders he created dentists with stellar smiles.

From whitening to straightening, from veneers to braces using new technologies in aesthetic dentistry can not only become the owner of a Hollywood smile, but also noticeably younger. We showed the dentist, candidate of medical Sciences Dmitry Smirnov photos of stars before and after a visit to the tooth fairy and asked to tell what actions may have been carried out.

Victoria Beckham

The designer has set veneers and get rid of gummy smile by using plastic. Also changed the inclination of the teeth. We can assume that Vicki made cosmetic correction of the smile line. Victoria, most likely, did the injections in the circular muscle of the mouth as in last photo the upper lip is not so lifted up in a smile. Of course, in the later pictures, smile, Victoria is much prettier. Despite the perfect teeth, smile in public, celebrity still does not like

— concluded the expert.

Tom Cruise

According to the expert, Tom cruise remade it all. His smile was perhaps not ideal. Doctors thoroughly worked over his teeth, however, the smile remained asymmetric, its centre is offset to the left on the half-tooth.

He definitely wore braces, they were corrected malocclusion. He also resorted to prosthetics. If you look closely, you can see that a front tooth — actually implant. This is evident in a special shade of the gums.

Emma Watson

According to the dentist, the actress has changed the position of the right hand cutter (it was badly bent). So it’s safe to assume that Emma corrected bite. Perhaps the star has established veneers, but a bit lost with the colour it is too white.

Nicole Kidman

The expert believes that the smile of the actress remains the same. The star of the so-called gummy smile can be corrected cosmetic method, making the correction of the upper lip, so she did not rise so high. But Nicole decided to leave it natural.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay definitely has changed the slope of the front teeth. This is done either orthodontic techniques such as braces, either through restoration. In this case, the restoration was accurate, but argued that it had established a bracket system, we can’t. Also, maybe the actress made a gingival plastic, as in the early pictures, when you smile at the visible Zenith of the teeth, and later they are already almost not visible. Gingival plastic is carried out either orthodontic surgery or surgical when trimmed the edge of the gums. Rehabilitation after such an operation lasts about a week,

— explained the doctor.

Justin Bieber

Smile Justin Bieber was by nature good. Therefore, most likely, he didn’t do anything with their teeth. The only thing that could use Justin, this is for whitening, but it is not a fact. The verdict of the doctor — he has a beautiful, natural smile.

Chrissy Teigen

The first thing we can say for sure, is that Chrissy hard bruxism. It has a strong angulation of the jaw, and then Chrissie is a very powerful chewing muscles. Bruxism is teeth grinding, which often occurs when the person is sleeping. This leads to abrasion of the enamel and damage teeth. The color of her teeth does not look very natural, and the background of bruxism can assume that Chrissie did the restoration of teeth more than once, that is likely to set veneers

— said the expert.

Sophia Bush

According to the expert, the smile of the actress used to be better, more natural than it is now:

The form of the teeth of Sophia has hardly changed, even initially, you might think that all the matter in the capable photoshop. And really, the only thing that has changed is the color of the teeth. And we are not talking about the whitening and the veneers that have no transparency and depth of color.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The expert is sure that all the people who after 40 years of beautiful teeth, passed through the prosthesis. So it’s safe to say that Catherine, too, made a total prosthesis, that is made all 28 teeth. They have become more proportional, as in the early photographs of the teeth were narrower.

Nicolas Cage

Earlier the actor had violated the bite, a slight diastema (gap between teeth), also the tapered jaw and a gummy smile, when we see the Zenith of the teeth. Therefore, most likely, dentists resorted to all-out prosthetics. Prosthesis made according to the “American” type, that is, it is noticeable that the smile made.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion herself has admitted that she had removed a few of the posterior teeth (like cher) to emphasize prominent cheekbones. This did not stop, the star also found the braces (singer showed them, even in photo shoots for fashion magazines), and then veneers.

Demi Moore

Previously, demi was standing crowns on the front teeth. These two teeth differ from the others in color and have less transparency. At that time the crown was done quite efficiently, but today this work is considered bad. In addition, an early photo of the visible bridge to the right, as you can not see the gums.

Today demi smiles quite differently. Most likely, she went to cosmetologists and made correction of the smile line, and now she doesn’t have raised corners of the mouth. Also demi did full prosthetics, that is, the installation of any veneers or crowns and the restoration of all 28 teeth. And in the place where the bridge is likely to set implants

— said the expert.

Morgan Freeman

The smile of the actor was far from ideal. Stood behind the axles, the bite was broken and front teeth crooked. So he removed all the teeth and made full dentures. Rather, he set up a jaw with artificial teeth screwed to the implants. Now the smile Morgana looks definitely better

the expert noted.

Cher Lloyd

Early photos of cher visible diastema (gap between teeth), therefore, most likely, she resorted to orthodontic treatment. Also changed the proportion of the teeth, more specifically, brought into conformity. This was done with the help of veneers or overlays. But here is the question of naturalness.

Niall Horan

Musician from the band One Direction did not hide that for a long time had braces. With them he fixed the bite and position of teeth. After this was made ceramic restoration that is fitted veneers or crowns.

Beauty transformation which star impressed you most?

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