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138 Water: In the frame – the actress Mischa Barton

Misha Barton of the problem, and this is evident in those films, which in recent years 31-year-old actress starred. And according to how frequently it is removed in 2015 on account of its, for example, as many as 8 patterns – employment Danny Trejo, and not for me to tell you what trash you can see Trejo!

First, Barton is suing two of his former friends, who kind of like (I really don’t follow such things, so I am not sure of the percent) do not mind selling them with Misha intimate home video to some rich buyer (rumored VIDOS the price is 1 million dollars). Second, the girl was thirty, a career in the youth series “OS – Lonely hearts” is long over, play the starlets in the movies like “Murder school President” is also not really work, and it is time to choose where to go next: either to try to prove to themselves and others that acting talent she still is; either to continue to exploit some fame of their own name, acting for a small price all in a row.

To the last Mike, in General, is no stranger to recall her part in the 12-million film-is the group “Tatu” 2009 release “You and me”. Here and there in the films Barton films like “Hoarder” or “the Los Angeles bully”… In the latter, by the way, she starred with the same Danny Trejo.

Along the way Mike performs its obligations under the advertising contracts, evidenced by a new photo shoot, arranged for promotional mineral water “138 Water”. I don’t even know what’s worse – advertising mineral water or to star in movies category C. what do you think?

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