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133 billion for a train that goes bad

133 миллиарда за поезд, который плохо едет

“Innovation train “Moscow” of the Moscow metro – the best train in the world. So in April 2017 Sergei Sobyanin presented the launch of a new composition, – says the telegram channel Mash. Since then, it took more than six months – and problems “Moscow” are growing like a snowball. Cars are regularly broken, at stations mainly in traffic crashes, and in social networks – the indignation of the passengers. But to abandon kinopoezd no one is going. Moreover, metro buys new cars – even 133 billion rubles.

The first train started one of the most problematic lines – Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya. And here with the future of the left Shoe. The transition did not take place. Fanfare struck. It turned out that “Moscow” could get up at any time. And at any station.

Failed to all, as usual, brains. The weak point of new cars – bad electronics. To break down compounds begin in a month after launch.

May. The trains are failing controllers drivers and power supplies.

The driver controller is a joystick, which is controlled by the composition. If the electronics raw and unfinished – it hangs. Locks and controllers. Trains stand at stations and in order to continue, they need to restart. That is, spend the extra time.

In may, the staff report on such situations constantly.

Memoranda and instructions to drivers when breakdowns “Moskv”.

July. It turns out that incapacitate a brand new composition may be any power surge.

One fine summer day the “Mosqu” flashes undercar equipment. Fire. Metro power surges are frequent and usually the train is protected from such cases. But in the case of the “Moscow” mechanics out automation of undercar equipment shall not remove such differences. Fuses had to take out electronics, but didn’t. We don’t know why. In the end the car caught fire.

November. “Moscow” again in the news. New trains just stop at the stations and refuse to go further.

29 Nov buggy those most vaunted of the door. It turns out that in the cab froze up again, the onboard computer began to give incorrect commands to the actuators of the door leaf.

133 миллиарда за поезд, который плохо едет 

Memoranda and instructions to drivers when breakdowns “Moscow”


“Moscow” a special project for the metro of “Metrovagonmash.” This is the Mytishchi plant, which won the tender for the supply of new cars.

Here are some numbers. Price of the contract is 133 billion rubles. By 2020 the metro will have more than 900 cars. The cost of each of 60 to 80 million rubles. One part is about 600 million rubles.

133 миллиарда за поезд, который плохо едет 

The burned car of the train “Moscow”


And now it will be interesting. “Metrovagonmash” winning is part of the “Transmashholding”. The President Of “Transmashholding” Andrey Bokarev. A familiar name? I don’t think. But man this is very interesting. Friends that we have made.

So, a tidbit in the form of a contract with the Moscow metro goes to longtime friend, comrade and business partner of the head of the whole transport. Maxim Liksutov. Whose Bokarev joint Aeroexpress…

In 2013, Metropolitan entered into with companies in our 30-year contract for maintenance of nearly 300 different trains. In 2014, they received government contracts to supply wagons for a total amount of 277 billion rubles. And in 2017, the contract for 25 billion on the 27-year-old service trains “Oka”.

Great numbers.

PS Oh yeah. Representatives of the “Transmashholding” and the Department of transportation failed to promptly comment on this information.

Work, brethren.”

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