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13-year-old girl during the quest “the quest” tried to jump off the roof

13-летняя девочка выполняя задание "квеста" пыталась спрыгнуть с крышиAccording to preliminary information, the girl’s family safe.

In the city of Bakhmut Donetsk region 13-year-old girl tried to jump from the 2nd floor of an unfinished building, doing the job the so-called “group of death” of social networks.

According to the Department of communication Chief Directorate of national police in the Donetsk region, Bakhmutsky the girl was already under the attention of the police juvenile prevention. A month earlier, finding out that the girl is an active member of the “group of death” and has already started execution of the first job “quest”, the police together with her mother and teachers saved her from the tragedy by convincing to stop all possible contact with dangerous game.

However, according to the police, “today the girl together with his girlfriend decided to walk around the city, and went to the river, where are unfinished. It is, without explaining anything to her friend, she climbed on the roof of the two-storey building, standing on the edge, decided to jump, and thereby to commit suicide”.

Girl on the roof saw the passers-by. They asked the girl to cancel his plans, two of the boys even climbed onto the roof, but, realizing that yourself to resolve the situation, call the police.

“The place immediately arrived group of fast reaction. Seeing the police car, the girl decided not to jump and gave a hand to the guys. One of the officers climbed onto the roof and took the girl”, – stated in the message.

The girl was taken to the police Department, with her police work juvenile prevention.

According to preliminary information, the girl’s family safe. But now the police are checking all versions.

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