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13 soft witches

Series “the worst book”, to which we (and the site itself Area of Horrors, and members of the editorial Board, and many readers, fans) have a direct relationship continues to slowly but surely grow, and a project grows in all directions. In the autumn of last year in the series was published a themed anthology of “13 witches”, which was (in many respects unexpected even for us) storm of success: a run of 2,500 copies scattered from the warehouses of the publishing house just a month and a half and now this book is hard to find anywhere else.

And here they come back. SSK expanded – now the series will be published a book in soft covers. While – on trial – will be re-released as just “13 witches”. Signature series design is saved, copies of the reissue will be 2000 copies, the exit plan is scheduled for June-July 2017, that is, very soon the book will be on sale.

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Topic: Writer Oleg Kozhin about the book “13 witches”, competitions of horror and not only

13 authors. 13 stories. 13 witches.
How much alive the human race – so many people believe in the supernatural. Believes – and fears. Trembling from fear of what is beyond. Afraid of what you cannot explain and understand. The power that our mind is not subject.
So it was in the days of old, it happens now, so it will be forever. But at all times, in any era live among us those who are holding the thread connecting two worlds, on this and on the other side.
Sorceress, witches and psychics…
Witches. Are you afraid of them? Nothing…
You are not afraid? You’re the worse!

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