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13 MONSTERS: annotation and composition of a new anthology from the SSK

Long awaited news on the third book in the series “13” in the popular series “the worst book”. Two previous thematic anthologies of this conditional sub – “13 witches” and “13 killers” – became a bestseller and was reissued in paperback (and “freaks” very soon should appear on sale), so that total circulation has even surpassed anthology-yearbooks “the worst book 2018” etc.. speaking of the latter, we too have something good to say.

Actually, let’s start with this. Official: the warehouses do not have a single instance of SSK 2018, that is, all copies of the book sold to the shops just a month. A little celebration for all lovers of Russian literature of horror, yay!

And the next book in the series will be “13 monsters”, which will appear on sale in early 2018. The cover of this magazine yet, but we know that it will be used the figure of the artist Alexander Solomin – if anyone still does not know what is Tallis, blogger Zone Horror.

If anyone still does not know what the originator of the “13 monsters” – in General, your obedient servant, (hence exclusive news, of course), and among the authors of the book are the inhabitants of the memory with the experience – Michael Kios, Nikolay Ivanov.

The full composition of the anthology looks like this:

13 real monsters living on the planet Earth (instead of Preface)
Oleg Kozhin. Maiden
Simon Vrochek. Tree man
Yulia Likhacheva. Shishiga
Maxim Kabir. Singing in the depths
Boris Lewandowski. Something in the rain
Mike Helprin. The demon of fear
Larissa City. Primary rod
Michael Kios. The absolute closeness
Nikolai Ivanov. Clapper
Elena Schetinina. Chwang
Alexey Zharkov. Gag
Yaroslav Zemlyanuhin. Ferruginous
Alexander Matyukhin. Children internal combustion
The hunt for the 13 monsters were (the authors)

And here’s the official abstract:

Monsters do not exist!
It is known to everyone, but it is a lie. They are. To understand this, someone simply to look under the bed. Someone is to look in the mirror.
Monsters do not exist?
But the monster can meet anytime, anywhere. Monster is the grey figure in the streams of the shower. This creature, howling in the dim caves. It is something that lives in the tunnels of the metro, the Siberian taiga and in the nearby alley.
Monsters — monsters from another, the other world. Those hiding under the cover of this book. Those, after acquaintance with whom you will only have to whisper, knocking on crying and moaning, trying to convince myself that:
Monsters do not exist… there is no Monster… Monsters do not exist…

The total circulation of books in the series SSK is already close to 50 thousand copies. Yeah, until someone muttered that the horror in our area no one is interested, these books fly like hotcakes in the cold winter.

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