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12-year-old daughter Anna Sedokova star chastised the mother for her behavior


Singer Anna Sedokova often spoil their daughters Monica and Alina. Star mom regularly shares photos with joint walks and home gatherings. But despite a warm relationship with the children, the eldest daughter recently scolded his stellar mom because she does not know how to refuse people.

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Anna recently shared with fans a photo in Instagram and philosophical reflections on the theme of kindness, as well as the relations of parents and children. Sedokova wrote: “My 12-year-old daughter Alina narwhals on me yesterday. She literally scolded me in the car because “I don’t know about the existence of the word ‘No’.” What’s all the requests I answer “Yes” that I am very soft and do not know how to refuse people. Especially those who, in its opinion, ought to refuse” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Singer after long arguments agreed with his daughter and said that she was right: “Yes, being good is a plus. Kindness is important in life. But where is the line between loshizmom and kindness? In this life you nobody! And in an even degree you don’t owe anybody anything! And I’m not talking about the parents and not the children. Don’t be afraid to say “No” if it is at odds with your principles, with your performance on the issue. Simply no, you do not become bad. You’re just expressing your own opinion, which I have every right!”

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Fans have supported Anna: “I myself mentally all the time set up: now say “no”. But I can’t”, “You are like my mother. I too as a child chastised for being too soft,” “All right is written”, “Very correctly said.”

We will remind, fans condemned Anna for Sedokova painted lips have a five year daughter Monica. Recently, the youngest daughter Anna was first involved in the filming. The girl played the role of daughter in new music video “The best” Sedokova. According to the singer, Monica has managed this role perfectly.

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