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12 wonderful alternative posters for “the Shining” by Stanley Kubrick

“The shining” (The Shining, 1980) Stanley Kubrick is one of those films which the public is not unique. You know, everyone loves “Jaws”, but not all love “the Shining”. Including the author of the original novel Stephen king never hid the fact that the movie was Kubrick he didn’t like.

However, “the Shining” remains one of the greatest genre films of all time. Maybe just because of the fact that his dislike of the king and others. A writer once said in an interview that the problem of the film, Kubrick shot that the Director is not good enough to explore the genre in which he decided to remove his picture. It can and should be argued that the genius of Kubrick level due to this was able to enrich the genre, bringing many new, typical of his personal style – symbolism, psychological insight, the lack of which often impoverishes many American kinokarery.

Speaking of symbolism. Still, after soon 40 years since the premiere of “the Shining”, the Network pop up alternative movie posters created by fans. In the design of many of them play certain characters. We have already laid out a selection of 10 beautiful art on the theme of “the Shining”, but here’s a dozen interesting works. Click on any image to get into the gallery of movie posters, more posters, both official and non-official.

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