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111-year-old Englishwoman has revealed the secret of long life

111-летняя англичанка раскрыла секрет долгой жизниAs it turned out, it’s all about the alcoholic beverage.

On 18 September the Englishwoman grace Jones turned 111 years, and the reason for her longevity she believes love for Scotch whiskey.

The health status of Jones can be considered exceptional. Every night before going to sleep a woman drinking a glass of whiskey.

“She has been doing it for 58 years,” said her 79-year-old daughter Deidre McCarthy. Her mother she describes as a positive and active person who always cares about herself and her family. She takes care of herself alone, every day, reads Newspapers and watches the news.

Grace Jones and her night Scotch / Source: SWNSГрэйс Jones and her night Scotch / Source: SWNS
Jones is one of the oldest people in the UK: record-survivor Bessie Cam older than her by only two years. The woman was born in Liverpool in 1906 and remembers all important events in British history: the sinking of the Titanic, women’s suffrage and two world wars.

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