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11 of the best remixes on the “Very strange things”!

What Stranger Things? It is possible to argue long. It is a dense distillation of the spirit of the 80s, from a time when books, movies on VHS, Board game and own imagination have opened up the whole world that Spielberg and king in one, it is a sincere (because of children) the story of friendship and love, the wonderful characters, haunting deep in the heart, and a real Paradise for those who are in school were considered nerds and weirdos (because there are)… And still is music.

But what if both of the season “Very strange cases” considered, and the official soundtrack is heard to holes? Remixes! Yes, we will save the remixes! And here we must say thanks to Jonathan Barkan, who made this wonderful compilation for the English speaking genre of the resource Dread Central.

Eleven tracks. Well, you understand, right? Eleven.

I would not say that they are all equally good, but at least for a change interesting, that’s for sure. Most, of course, plays the main musical theme of the series. Someone tried to impose on her his song (Starboy) or rap (Childish Gambino). Others have done the original track is barely recognizable (Matt Veirs). And someone mixed replicas of the characters from the first season (You Better Run), and went out, in my opinion, gorgeous — funny and cute. Again, some interesting VIDOS not even music, but only successfully mounted visuals (Kap Slap). But a couple of things I will definitely add to your playlist. First and foremost it is a beautiful mixture of original themes “Very strange doings” with the song Into You singer Ariana Grande, and spiked metal version of the Artificial Fear. However, your taste may be something else.

In short, listen to the music and waiting for the continuation of the series, good season 3 is officially confirmed.

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