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10 tips gynecologist every day

10 советов гинеколога на каждый деньWomen today are so busy at home and at work that don’t always pay attention to their own health.

Regular examination by a gynecologist is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle, because a lot of gynecological diseases can currently not report.

Watch your weight

Control your weight. “Jumping” the weight disturb the hormone levels in the woman’s body and knocks the menstrual cycle. Your diet should contain foods from fiber, proteins and vitamins. Don’t get carried away with diets. Avoid fatty, fried and overly sweet foods. Exercise at least 3 times a week.

Regular medical check-up

To visit a gynecologist should be once in six months. You must pass a General analysis, swab for Cytology, transvaginal ultrasound, etc. to go to a gynecologist even if you’re not worried, because some diseases do not manifest immediately.

Safe sex

If you are unsure of your partner completely, use condoms. The condom is not 100% protection against all diseases, but it serves as a barrier to disease transmission from one partner to another and unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes a person forgets to buy a condom, so if you value your health, take care of the protection yourself.


Sexual infections appear due to changes in hormone levels, which can be caused by diabetes pills-contraceptives and antibiotics. Normal hormone levels equal to a normal acid-alkaline balance of the vagina. Antibiotics and oral contraceptives increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis. To this disease can cause and gels, flavored funds for intimate hygiene, etc.

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Recurrent symptoms – a reason to go to the doctor

Recurrent symptoms that you guard a reason to visit a gynecologist. Not all women know how to treat thrush. But, if you still resorted to the methods of self-treatment, separation passed, and the itching and inflammation of the left – turn tests for other infections.

Gel for intimate hygiene with harmful fragrances

All facilities for personal hygiene (towels, gel, soap, pads) – violates the natural balance in the mucous. In the vagina are bacteria the pH (acid-alkaline balance), which do not allow microbes to multiply. At infringement of balance of bacteria are killed, the result may appear inflammation.

Follow discharge

Normal discharge is transparent. During ovulation it is more. If they have a yellowish or greenish color, unpleasant odor, consult a gynecologist. A white discharge that look like cottage cheese symptoms of yeast infection. And colorless liquid with an unpleasant smell – the cause of bacterial vaginosis, green – signs of trichomoniasis. Every six months should be screened for chlamydia. If chlamydia is not treated, it leads to clogging of the fallopian tubes and infertility.

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Thongs are harmful to women’s health

Itching and irritation can be caused by a g-string. This underwear is sexy, but it carries bacteria from the rectum to the vagina. The perfect underwear – panties, completely covering the buttocks and natural fabrics.

Be careful with tampons

During the critical days it is better to use shims, but there are situations when no tampons can not do (for example, tight dresses for the evening). Strictly observe rules of hygiene, change tampons at least once in 3:00, and in any case, do not leave overnight! Do not use tampons during menstruation, alternate with pads. Also they better not use it if you feel abdominal pain during the critical days, gynecologists say that tampons slow down the outflow of blood from the uterus and increase the pain

Don’t sleep in narrow underwear

For sleeping it is better to choose pajamas made of natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics impede thermoregulation, trap moisture and create a favorable atmosphere for bacteria. In winter the situation is exacerbated because underwear we wear tights, and then pants. On returning home, immediately remove themselves from tight clothing, wear airy pants made of natural fabrics and don’t sleep in narrow underwear.

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