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10 of our favorite songs of Linda

Svetlana Lvovna geiman, better known as Linda, today is the anniversary. The singer celebrates 40 years – Yes, this is the case, when you think about how quickly time passes. Rapidly and without the aid of a prominent producer and composer max Fadeev bursting into the music scene of Russia, Linda immediately became not only popular, but also iconic. In the future, however, its popularity faded (strangely this coincided with the departure from under the wing Fadeeva), but the cult, perhaps until now with her. Day jam “crows” remembering our most favorite tracks of her authorship and execution.

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10. Dance under water

9. I will steal it!

8. Blood

7. Chain and ring

6. The North wind

5. An inside look

4. Marijuana

3. Call

2. Little fire

1. Let me go

Outside of the contest – the Raven

How do you feel about the work Linda?

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