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10 most famous on-screen witches. Photo

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. ФотоWitch for every taste.

Fairytale and fantasy movie could be complete without witches.

Depending on the nuances of the story of the sorceress can be main characters or main villains, assistants of the Central characters or their loved ones. Because of the variety of on-screen witches it is impossible to make a meaningful rating, which would drive all the heroines of this kind to the same categories of comparison. So we made up “rating the ratings”, which included the most-most of the known witches from the movies, cartoons and sitcoms are the most beautiful, the ugliest, the smartest, and so on.

The ugliest witch – the Supreme witch from the movie “the Witches” (1990)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

For a significant part of the fabulous fantasy movie of Nicolas Rouga, based on the novel by Roald Dahl, leader of all the witches of the land looks like Angelica Houston, which, of course, keeps her very far from the list of the ugliest hags. However, this “acceptable” appearance is just a mask that hides the true identity of the demonic creatures who like to destroy children. When the Supreme witch’s mask falls, impressionable young viewers can be very frightened by what they saw and even hysterical. I wonder how many children of Supreme was in nightmares?

The most beautiful witch Ravenna from “snow white and the Huntsman” (2012)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

The choice in this category was given there the most difficult because in the world of cinema the witches played literally dozens of exceptionally beautiful women. However, of all these, we prefer the ruthless and beautiful Ravenna. It is so beautiful that her appearance breaks the traditional plot of the fairy tale of snow white. Usually if the Evil Queen pursues Snow white due to the fact that she is more beautiful than the villain in “snow white and the Huntsman” Ravenna tries to kill Snow white, because she is destined to destroy the evil stepmother. In essence, Ravenna only preventive strikes – and at the same time trying to become immortal (it will gain immortality if you eat snow white’s heart).

The most adorable witch Kiki from the animated film “Kiki’s delivery service” (1989)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

On the screen a charming and touching witches, but none of them compare with a heroine full-length Japanese cartoon, created by Hayao Miyazaki and based on the book by Eiko Kadono. Young Kiki has such attributes of the classic European witches, a flying broom and a black cat, but her mind is as far from villainy. By contrast, Kiki’s earning an honest living as a flying courier (according to the rules of the witches in her world, a young witch must prove their competence, honestly and independently lived for a year).

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The most controversial witch – Regina from the TV series “Once upon a time” (2011)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

Usually the screen witch are clearly divided into “good” and “bad” characters. Regina, however, difficult to attribute to any of these camps. At least if you consider her actions throughout the show, not in any particular series. The fact that Regina is changing radically in the course of the narrative. We see her nightmare the Evil Queen from the fairy tale about Cinderella, a kind and responsible woman, loving daughter, daughter-murderer… And so on and so forth. Think no more of on-screen witches can boast such a range of moral deeds, from unforgivable monstrous to selfless heroic.

The closest the audience the witch – Sabrina from “Sabrina, the teenage witch”(1996-2003)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

Even if the on-screen witches live in our world, not in the magical parallel reality, they usually solve problems far from the problems of the audience. Like to take over the world. In the TV series “Sabrina”, however, the young main character is usually concerned with the simple human problems of family, school, romantic. Even if these problems turns out to be a magical dimension, they are still closer to the audience than all that concerned about most of the other onscreen witches and witches.

The most intelligent and well – read witch Hermione Granger from the series “Harry Potter” (2001-2011)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

Harry Potter is the main character “Harry Potter” because it’s literally written on his forehead. Because of what magic was applied to it shortly after birth, only he and no one else can win Volan de mort. So books and movies are dancing around his person. If the victory was enough knowledge and magical talent, the main character “Harry Potter”, obviously, would be Hermione Granger, which is much more capable than Harry and more well-read in magic techniques. Note that many on-screen witches at best I read one magic book. So in this part they Hermione not in competition.

The traditional witch – Baba Yaga from the movie Morozko (1964)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

How long are the tales of Baba Yaga? According to linguistics, and folklore, these tales are older than the separation of the Slavic peoples. That is, they are at least fifteen hundred years. The researchers also religions bind many of the details of these stories with the ancient and still undivided Indo-European culture. So Baba Yaga is much older than all of his on-screen rivals, many of which were invented in the XX century. By the way, to see Baba Yaga not only in the Soviet and Russian films and cartoons, but also, for example, in the canadian fantasy series “lost girl”, where she was one of the episodic villains.

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The most vulnerable witch – the Wicked witch of the West from “the Wizard of Oz” (1939)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

When you make the main fighter with the witch the little girl without fighting and magical abilities, you Willy-nilly to make the main villain of the picture extremely vulnerable. Otherwise, what are the chances of the main character to win? Frank Baum has gone the farthest. In his fairy tale “the wonderful wizard of Oz”, filmed by Victor Fleming shortly before the Second world war, the Wicked witch of the West dies when Dorothy just drench it with water. Just? Just. But what to do if anything more Dorothy not physically capable of…

The Soviet witch – Kira Shemakhan from the film “Magicians” (1982)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

In the USSR witches, of course, could not be. Not for we have fought against religion and prejudices, to allow even the on-screen witches to roam the Soviet Union. But in the new films were allowed that were not allowed in conventional tapes. So the “Magicians” you can see quite a Soviet doctor of magical Sciences and Director of magic research Institute NUIN Kira A. Shemakhan. I wonder how it looked for her dissertation defense? Was she quoting Marx and Lenin?

The invisible witch – Blair Witch from “the Witch from Blair: Course from the world” (1999)

10 самых известных экранных ведьм. Фото

Many witches have the ability to become invisible, but Blair Witch surpasses them all. It does not appear on the screen in a film about young filmmakers who are trying to make about her documentary. However, the Witch is powerful enough and evil in order first to scare the living daylights, and then to destroy those hoping to unravel its mysteries. By the way, to see the Witch can neither in the first nor in the second sequel to “the witches of their Blair”, which is also going on all sorts of hell.

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