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10 little-known facts about the movie “misery”

The king of horror Stephen king continues the conquest of the small and large screens – the resounding success of horror “It” has given hope for a speedy adaptation and other works of the writer. On TV now, too, not without the king, let Haze, and failed, but good shows, “Mr. Mercedes”, and will soon appear in the TV series “castle Rock” that combines several ideas of the author (a curious teaser trailer came out last night).

So why in honor of this not to recall one of the best canadaplace master? “Misery” by Rob Reiner was released in 1990 and starring the stunning James Caan and Kathy Bates (deservedly received for his performance of “Oscar” in the category “Best female role”). This is a real sample of fine and chilling psychological Thriller that looks great even 27 years after the premiere.

Writer Paul Sheldon does not remember the heavy snowfall, which he crashed his car somewhere in the mountains. He also remembers how he found and saved from certain death by a woman.
All he remembers is just how he woke up in the house of Annie Wilkes, an ardent admirer of his novels that is not willing to part with his favorite author…

And the movie has its interesting features, which you may not have heard:

1. Stephen king insisted that the adaptation of “misery” took Rob Reiner writer was very impressed with his screen adaptation of the novel “the Body”, called “Stay with me”, released in 1986. Reiner agreed and created another masterpiece.

2. Rob Reiner admitted that a huge impact on the picture was provided by the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

3. The statement “misery”Barry Sonnenfeld, the Director of “the Addams Family” and three parts “Men in black”.

4. Annie Wilkes is a metaphor for drugs, especially for cocaine. Stephen king struggled with alcohol and drug addictions for many years.

5. For the entire shooting period James Caan spent a total of about 15 weeks in bed.

6. Like some other works of king, “misery” was adapted for Broadway. In 2015, the stage role of Paul Sheldon and Annie Wilkes played by Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf.

7. Rob Reiner and Kathy Bates have worked together for the backstory of Annie Wilkes – in their version, she was abused in childhood, which led to the emergence of her psychopathic tendencies.

8. In addition to Kathy Bates, in the lead female role was seen Bette Midler.

9. The list of contenders for the role of Paul Sheldon included Warren Beatty, William hurt, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Robert de Niro, al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Michael Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Kline and Richard Dreyfuss.

10. One of the major differences with the original is that in the novel, Annie Wilkes came off the Floor a foot with an ax and cauterized the wound with a blowtorch. The scene was almost filmed, but the producers thought it too cruel.

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