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10 incredible landscapes of the USA that are worth seeing with your own eyes. Photo

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. ФотоYou might want to reconsider your vacation plans.

The United States is not only the Internet, Hollywood, large corporations, top universities and influential armed forces.

The United States also are home to many surreal attractions. These wonders of nature look so irreale it’s hard to believe that they belong to our planet. The following is a list of the 10 most unusual places in the United States of America.

Geyser Fly
Geyser fly – amazing geothermal geyser, located in the North-West of black Rock in Nevada. Much to our surprise, the geyser was created artificially. He appeared completely by accident when geothermal company held in this place drilling. Back in 1964, the company carried out exploration on private ranches in the North-Western part of the desert black Rock, trying to find geothermal energy. They found that ground water in the area is not hot enough for these purposes, turned off the equipment and left the project. The place is still in private ownership Todd Jessica. Gradually warm the ground water started to rise up the borehole. Due to the high content of minerals on the territory of the ranch formed an artificial geyser with fancy colors. The mountain limestone is still growing, continuously acquiring minerals. The presence of a thermophilic bacteria attached to the fly geyser sparkling red-blue color.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Caves Of Mendenhall
Glacier caves of Mendenhall in Southeast Alaska are one of the most unusual sights of the United States. Magical glacier is located in the valley Mendenhall and reaches nearly 20 kilometers long. The miracle of nature is protected by Federal law for the composition 2353-hectare recreation areas Mendenhall. The Western part of the glacier is the home of numerous ice caves, formed by the melting glacial ice water. Surreal scenery inside the caves are breathtaking. To get to the ice caves in the Mendenhall glacier is quite difficult. First you have to sail on the kayak and then climb the ice, but a difficult path is worth it. Some caves have an unusual color due to the transparent arch, through which sunlight penetrates. Everything else, no one can guarantee the safety of visitors, because the condition of glaciers is rather unstable and depends on many factors. It is not recommended to visit these places in summer, when glaciers are exposed to high temperatures.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Haiku Stairs
Haiku stairs – steep and dangerous Hiking trail located along the mountain chain Co, Alau on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. This surreal trail is also known as ‘stairway to Paradise’. Haiku stairs really deserves this name due to the amazing panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. Since 1987, she remains closed to the public. Haiku stairs were originally built during world war II for American soldiers who were able to climb to stations at the top. In the 1950s, the original wooden stairs were replaced with metal. Then the trail opened to tourists, allowing them to overcome 3955 steps of the Haiku stairs to the top of a mountain with a height of about 700 meters. At the starting point of the route installed prohibiting signs, but many travelers continue to conquer the stairs for the breathtaking views. Unfortunately, a great storm swept the island of Oahu in February 2015 and inflicted significant damage to the Haiku stairs. Reconstruction was impossible, and now the famous staircase to the lift.

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10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon is an incredible national Park in southwestern Utah famous for its geological formations of bizarre shapes. Thin spires of rocks formed over millions of years of weathering and erosion. The national Park covers a vast area in 35835 acres with thousands of bright red, orange and white rock formations. Traveling by foot is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon. The natural amphitheatre of the Park extends more than thirty miles. During sunset and sunrise the whole territory is immersed in a fabulous color, causing genuine admiration of visitors. In addition to its breathtaking geography, Bryce Canyon is home to 5000-year-old pine trees and is considered one of the best places in the United States for the study of the stars.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Skagit Valley
Just imagine that was in the middle of the valley with 300 acres of brightly colored tulips. If you really want to visit this surreal place, simply visit the Tulip festival the Skagit Valley in Washington. This magic flower show is held annually in April. Every year the Tulip festival Skagit receives over a million visitors from around the world. No doubt, tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. At the festival you will see thousands of different varieties of these spring flowers. Vast fields of colorful tulips on the background of mount Baker will make you breathless. In addition to the riot of colors, the festival also offers its visitors art and cultural show.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Antelope Canyon
Antelope canyon on the Navajo nation is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Arizona. This is probably the most beautiful and most photographed canyon in the world, known for its wavy Sandstone walls and narrow passages. The canyon includes two different sections – upper and lower. The upper section is the most visited portion of Antelope canyon because of the easy availability. On Sunny days, this section also looks more colorful. The lower canyon is located at a distance of several kilometers from the top, and descend in a specially fixed ladder safety precautions. His passes are much more narrow, and the rock formations in this section are just incredible.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe bend is a breathtaking gorge near the town of page in Arizona. Horseshoe bend is named after its shape resembling a horseshoe. This place is located just 10 kilometers from the National Park of Grand Canyon. The horseshoe was cut in the rocks of the powerful over the great Colorado river and became one of the most popular attractions of Arizona. Visit the Horseshoe bend during a tour of U.S. Route 89, enjoying breathtaking views from the observation deck. Depending on the intensity of sunlight, the rock of the canyon is painted in different colors, and the waters of the Colorado river changed color from green to dark blue.

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10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

The wave is a surreal formation of Sandstone on the border of Utah and Arizona. This miracle of nature called so because of the special form that mimic an ocean wave. Unusual geological formation formed over millions of years of erosion by the wind and rain. Today Wave is often mentioned among the most photographed places in the United States of America. Many tourists admire the magic combination of interesting shapes and exciting colors. Wavy, have a different spectrum of colors ranging from red, to pink, orange, yellow and green. Depending on the time of day, the Wave is reflected in different colors, changing at different sunlight intensity.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Source Grand Prismatic
Grand prismatic spring – stunningly colorful hot spring located in Yellowstone national Park in Wyoming. With a depth of 40 meters and a diameter of about 130 meters, is the largest hot spring in the United States. Excellent coloring of the water – one of the unique distinguishing factors of source Grand Prismatic. Mineral-rich deep blue water forms a pool with patches of bright red, yellow and green. The uneven coloring on the edges of the source caused by the presence of pigmented bacteria that are able to thrive in high temperature hot springs. But due to the extreme heat in the depths of the geyser-there are no life forms. The spring water temperature reaches 90 degrees Celsius.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

Yosemite valley
Yosemite valley is located in Northern California and is famous for its heavenly landscapes and endless attractions. This is the most beautiful part of Yosemite national Park, home of amazing waterfalls, spectacular cliffs and a rich fauna. This charming valley was carved by glaciers about ten thousand years ago. Its length is more than 10 kilometers and a width of about one kilometre. World famous Polypol is the most recognizable symbol of the valley and one of the most photogenic rock formations in the world. Among the most beautiful waterfalls of Yosemite Park is to provide Yosemite falls Vernal and Bridalveil. Yosemite height of 800 meters – the highest waterfall of the national Park. The observation deck at the tunnel on Route 41 is the most scenic place for a review of the beauty of the valley. From this point you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the local wildlife, including some of the most famous sights of the USA.

10 невероятных пейзажей США, которые стоит увидеть своими глазами. Фото

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