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10 horror 2017, the year that is also worth a look. Top Nikolai Ivanov

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So, 2017 year octopal and gave us a whole scattering of godnach and stelmaszyk of horror, proving once again that they are loved, and do love watching in theaters. We have a new icon of the genre, IT is officially the highest grossing horror movie in the world. Agree, except that this happens once a decade, maybe more. We have witnessed a brilliant start directing career Saw Jordan with a ribbon “Away” and a long-awaited return to the forefront of M. night Shyamalan with the “split”. We overfeed to death a public relations company new paintings of sir Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Testament” so that the syndrome of high expectations in a matter of days it sunk in world hire, ungrateful dragged painstaking the work of artists, designers and masters on special effects.

So – these four films in this top did not make it (but I’m over “IT”, if that).

Because whether we like it or not, but they said its weighty word in the genre (the two will be a continuation, a third – perhaps a fourth heads everywhere all the charts), and if you haven’t looked and not made up your opinion… well, it’s time to catch up. If you have time to shower pissing rags newpicture and try to wash unfairly blackened – welcome to the top 10 horror 2017, the year that is ALSO worth a look.

Then it’s simple. It is necessary to press the big red button.


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