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10 early signs of heart attack

10 ранних признаков инфарктаIt may seem that a heart attack comes out of nowhere, but there are numerous symptoms that can warn of his approach.

A heart attack is now no longer considered a disease of the elderly.

In recent years, suffered a heart attack young people up to 39 years, and most men are not a fraction of a percent of the total number of cases, and 5-10%. The reasons for such disappointing statistics are rooted in stress, reduced physical activity, bad habits, and inattention to his health. What signs indicate that you are threatened with a heart attack? Let’s face it.

Nausea and vomiting
Often spontaneous nausea and vomiting are the satellites and the only signs of high blood pressure that men, especially young ones, may not feel. However, when these races and the heart is the first. To maintain normal blood circulation and provide oxygen to the entire body, it is forced to operate in emergency mode. After that time, the heart muscle wears out and causes a temporary interruption in its work.

Headaches and dizziness
These symptoms, which used to be attributed to the vagaries of weather and fatigue, can arise from a lack of oxygen in the blood supplied to the brain. The reason lies in the atherosclerotic plaque accumulated on artery walls. Because of them, the heart cannot obtain sufficient blood, from which to develop disease of the heart muscle.

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Bump on big toe
The development of gout – a painful lump on the joint of the big toe is triggered by a high content of uric acid. This acid along with the blood is transported into the tissues, particularly the heart, where it accumulates and inhibits its activity.

Awakening in the night
Of sudden awakening can be triggered by sleep apnea – interruption of breathing. During apnea, the body loses oxygen, there is oxygen starvation, vasospasm and a jump in blood pressure. As a result the heart does not receive sufficient blood, which can lead to tissue death. In addition, interruptions in sleep affect the nervous system and provoke an arrhythmia, which leads to early wear of the heart muscle and heart failure.

Aggression and irritability
Aggression, desire to compete, intolerance towards others and loss of capacity for self-criticism often indicates a malfunction of the brain due to insufficient blood supply – encephalopathy. This may be the result of atherosclerosis, which is a predictor of heart disease.

Increased pigmentation
Darkening of the skin and the appearance of age spots can be triggered by an excessive secretion in the body the protein melanin, along with a decrease in the levels of the hormone melatonin (which is it inhibits the production of protein). Melatonin, in addition to the processes of sleep, involved in the regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If its production is disturbed, this affects the cardiovascular system.

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Talc on the face
The appearance on the skin ksant — yellow tubercles, called Wens – means the violation of lipid metabolism in the body. The result of such violation arises atherosclerosis, and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Receding hairline
Hair loss and receding hairline – the result of hormonal imbalances and metabolic disorders. As a result, men developing metabolic syndrome, followed by hypertension, lipid disorders, atherosclerosis. All the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Training does not give the result
If moderate or intense physical exertion muscle relief never shows likely the problem is a low level of testosterone. A deficiency of this hormone is associated with insulin sensitivity, resulting in further obesity and diabetes, and as a consequence, and heart disease. In addition, men with low testosterone levels are more prone to development of atherosclerosis, because this hormone helps protect the arteries from damage and blockage.

Problems with potency
Another manifestation of lack of testosterone – the problems with potency. In connection with his lack men is reduced sex drive and lost libido. Furthermore, the lack of erections may be related to the already existing atherosclerotic lesions of blood vessels or hypertension that threatens the health of the heart.

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