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10 dance for two minutes: Emma stone hit the Internet

Emma stone as part of the promotional campaign of the film “La La land” attended the program “the Ellen DeGeneres” on NBC. Stone had not only to talk about the new film with her participation, but also to demonstrate their dancing skills, after all in “La La land” she danced a lot. Host of the talk show invited the girl to play with her “Last dance”.

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10 dance for two minutes: Emma stone hit the Internet

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The rules of the game “the Last dance” is very simple: you need to follow the names of dances and dance moves that appear on screen, and manage to portray that offer participants the producers of the show. Emma stone had not hit face in the dirt, because she had to compete with the leading Ellen DeGeneres.

Fragment of “the Ellen DeGeneres” with the participation of Emma stone
Two minutes it took Emma to conquer the audience not only in the audience, but also on the Internet. The girl “fell” on the move called “the sprinkler” – she just misread the name, so stopped and are unable to continue an impromptu dance “battle”. All in all, the actress was able to portray seven dances, one of which – the twerk – has made her special delight.

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The trailer of the film “La La land”

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