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10 celebrities who became actors by chance. Photo

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. ФотоSome famous actors started their epic star not because of hard work and by chance.

Become a star of the first magnitude in Hollywood – no easy task: only a few manage to get to the top of the Hollywood Olympus, and not languish in the crowd from the beginning to the end of a career.

However, some stars have managed to do the impossible and get into the actors, not applying to ensure little to no effort. Попкорн says 10 stars – from johnny Depp to Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence – who became actors quite by accident. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Johnny Depp

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

The future star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and dozens of other films no desire to become an actor was not – johnny left school at age 15 to pursue music, played in several bands, get married and move to Los Angeles to seriously pursue a music career. In LA wife introduced johnny with her boyfriend, Nicolas cage, who advised Depp to go to the actors – and johnny decided that shooting is a good way to earn money, then to devote himself to music. Shortly thereafter, Depp was joined by his friend, Jackie Earl Haley, for listening to the “Nightmare on elm street” and unexpectedly he got his first role in the film. At the present day in the career of johnny there are over 250 roles in film and television series.

Rosario Dawson

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

Glory found 16-year-old Rosario Isabel Dawson all of a sudden – right before she just sat on the porch of his home. It is at this point by the house Rosario was to pass the photographer Larry Clark and his young assistant harmony Korin. Future Director, writer and producer, young harmony Korin wrote the script for the directorial debut of Clark’s film, which later turned into the film “Kids”, and thought that Dawson would be perfect for the role of ruby. So Rosario got her first role in a movie, literally not leaving the house – and subsequently has appeared in over 160 films and television series, including the new television superhero the Marvel universe (“Luke cage,” “Jessica Jones,” “the Defenders”), “sin City”, “Grindhouse” and other hits.

Channing Tatum

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

An ordinary teenager from Alabama, Channing Tatum received a football scholarship to College, but how long it did not last – and then was forced to earn a living working as a stripper at a nightclub in Los Angeles when he was 19 years old. To work on the silver screen, Channing has led the career of a male model – from the strip club in Los Angeles Tatum went to Miami, where he is on the street and found the girl scout model Agency.

Evangeline Lilly

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

The star of “the Hobbit” and the new kynoselen Marvel superhero, Evangeline Lilly, like many other Actresses, have come to the cinema with podium, although initially about career models and especially Actresses Lilly not even thought of. Scouts modeling Agency, Ford had approached the girl on the street, and, although initially Evangeline model did not intend to become, in the end, she still contacted the Agency, intending to make money to pay for College. After that Lilly has starred in several commercials and played a number of absolutely tiny roles on TV, and then she made her big break – audition for TV series “lost”, to which Evangeline persuaded a friend to come. The advice of a friend turned out to be a good – Lilly got the role of Kate Austen and, later, dozens of roles in TV series and big-budget Hollywood films.

David Boreanaz

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

Familiar to viewers of the popular TV series “Buffy the vampire Slayer” and “Bones,” David to become an actor did not mean – and certainly did not expect that his career will start while he was walking with the dog. One of the neighbors Boreanaz was a friend of the writer of “Buffy” Marty Noxon and knew that the showrunners of the series looking for a handsome actor for the role of angel. Seeing David, who was passing by a neighbor’s house with her dog, a neighbor suggested Boreanaz to audition for – and, as later admitted Joss Whedon, the reaction of the women in the room while listening to David guaranteed him the role immediately.

Charlize Theron

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

Charlize wanted to be a dancer, but after a knee injury was forced to forget the dream and move on to other options – so the future star of “Mad max”, “Monster” and “North countries” and became a model. Career as an actress to Charlize began, quite suddenly, in the Bank: Theron barely raised money for the rent and once the Bank did not accept for cashing her check, the girl threw a Grand stage. This time, the Bank just had a representative of the talent Agency, which, considering the dramatic talents of Charlize, gave her my card – and that’s the way Theron got into show business.

Mel Gibson

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

Although Mel Gibson in his time studying at drama school, actor it becomes not wanted – and when he went to auditions for “Mad max”, to audition not even going: Mel just decided to throw up a Studio of his friend (and future colleague) Steve Beasley. Himself, Gibson sported numerous bruises and cuts after a fight in the bar so that the casting was clearly unsuitable. However, the Director of “Mad max” affected the appearance of the Gibson praised and encouraged him to go casting for a role of the villain in three weeks. When Mel through these three weeks back in the Studio, bruising was gone and the creators immediately “promoted” Gibson for the lead role instead of a role of one of the villains. So Mel back in 1979 landed a role in Mad Max, who became his ticket to Hollywood.

Alexis Bledel

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

Kimberly Alexis Bledel to “Gilmore Girls” was never filmed at all – and was going to become a professional model after the scout modeling Agency saw her in the Mall. At that time, however, Alexis was a student at new York University, and attempts to moonlight as a model nor to no avail – the girl required much more stable job to pay the tuition, and she decided to try her hand as an actress. To get at least some experience in casting Alexis went to the audition for “Gilmore Girls” – although the role is to not expect them to ever come to the audition cold and miserable. Fortunately, the Creator of “Gilmore Girls” for coughs and handkerchiefs Alexis considered the ideal candidate for the role of Rory Gilmore – and Bledel has provided a job for seven long years and national prominence.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

To become an actress Sarah Michelle Gellar did not – or rather, did not manage about the future of the profession even to think: agents found a future star at the tender age of four. Almost immediately Sarah got her first role in the TV movie, followed by shooting commercials and, finally, the role of Kendall HART in the serial drama “All my children”. Popularity and numerous work fell to Sarah so suddenly that the girl did not even have any desire to make a choice – as it turned out, Gellar was really a born actress, just not tired of his profession over the decades that have passed since then, as a future Buffy was only 4 years old.

Jennifer Lawrence

10 знаменитостей, ставших актерами по воле случая. Фото

One of the most popular and highly paid Actresses of Hollywood, for 26 years, Jennifer Lawrence has managed to win me an Oscar and starred in a big-budget Hollywood franchises of the type “the hunger games” and “X-Men”. Given the summary, Jennifer is especially lovely, it seems that Lawrence was not even thinking about someday becoming an actress. At the age of 14, when Jennifer’s mom went from his native town of Louisville on a trip to new York, right on the street they were approached by a scout for a modeling Agency, who offered Jennifer to try her hand as a model. To work as a fashion model Jennifer did not like, but I liked the atmosphere of show business – and as a result Lawrence decided to become an actress that she did it surprisingly quickly.

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