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10 best beauty tips from the web, which it is better not to follow

Online you can find many interesting, weird, and sometimes dangerous beauty hacks. So, many people believe that toothpaste get rid of pimples, the lemon juice will bleach the skin, and the mask from egg yolks moisturize better than any nourishing cream. Experts have told how the popular tips bloggers should not follow.

To use coconut oil as moisturizer for face

Almost every star says that the secret of her smooth and velvety skin — coconut oil. Dermatologists also believe that in spite of a rich composition (it includes fatty acids and vitamins C, PP, B6 and B9) and unrefined coconut oil has a comedogenic effect and can clog the pores, which is especially dangerous for those with oily skin. It is better to include in the nutrient masks for hair or periodically applied to rough and scaly areas of the body (elbows and heels).

To make lemon peel

It is believed that the lemon cleans, and fights with freckles and age spots and tightens pores, but remember your feelings when a drop of lemon juice gets on your lips. The same thing will happen with the skin, if you RUB it it citrus. The thing is — galacturonic, malic and citric acids. Ideal for sensitive, dry and prone to skin irritations lemon peels are contraindicated. If you do decide on a procedure, then in any case do not sunbathe for some time, otherwise the face may appear rash, dark spots and even burns.

To make scrubs out of sugar, salt or baking soda

These ingredients can safely be used for body care, but not for the face. Hard and rather large abrasive particles, which consist of sugar, salt and soda, can injure sensitive skin. In this case it is better not to save, but to buy a vehicle with a creamy texture, low in acid and gentle exfoliating granules.

Apply toothpaste on the pimples

Many believe that the anti-inflammatory components of the toothpaste reduces redness and dries pimples. Adventurers say that toothpaste can even be used instead of a scrub. Doctors also warn that you shouldn’t. Applying toothpaste to inflammation, it may dry up the skin (the action of hydrogen ions and salt), with the result that there may be new pimples. Moreover, in many pastes in the composition is peppermint (or menthol), which can also cause irritation.

To do a face mask made of raw egg yolks

Probably on the forums you just read about the miraculous mask of raw egg yolks, it will moisturize the skin and tighten facial contours, and eliminates the fat Shine. However, eggs may contain Salmonella, which is very dangerous for health, so the use of such popular recipes is still better to abstain.

Apply baby diaper rash cream on face

Indeed, baby creams have soothing and anti-inflammatory action. However, these tools usually contain mineral and other oils, paraffin wax and synthetic bees wax that can clog the pores and contribute to acne.

Use deodorant instead of matting powder

If you are desperate to get rid of oily sheen, and my favorite matifying powder over, then beauty bloggers have for you an unexpected solution — use deodorant. This crazy method really works, but a antiperspirant only absorbs sweat, and does not regulate the sebaceous glands. Furthermore, the deodorant can clog pores and cause irritation.

Try to get rid of blackheads with glue

If you drive in into a search engine the question: how to get rid of blackheads on face at home, one of the most popular answers will sound like this: “Apply to skin of PVA glue, when the medium dries, just peel — and voila.” Keep in mind that even if the glue is not toxic, it can easily cause skin irritation. Instead of risk, consult a dermatologist (perhaps he’ll write you money with retinoids, which tightens pores and eliminate inflammation).

Use plain alcohol instead of tonic

Alcohol degreases the skin and simultaneously nourishes it. So if you wipe your face with alcohol, instead of tonic, the sebaceous glands begin to work harder to make up for the lack of power after degreasing, making the pores clogged faster, the black dots will be more, there may be pimples. It is necessary to you?

To fix the makeup hairspray

“The Polish helps to maintain your hairstyle, then why not use it as a fixative for makeup?” — so I think some very imaginative netizens. However, experts in one voice declare: in the end, you only get the inflammation and flaking. Dubious experiments is not the place, use special sprays transparent or transparent powder.

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